Wednesday Night Grifbrawl: Red Ray vs Majestic

It’s Grifball Night in America!

The GGL playoffs are down to the final rounds — soon we will have our first Halo 4 Grifball champions!

Tonight we bring you an epic showdown an entire season in the making. Majestic, the last rookie team left standing in the post-season, will take on Red Ray, the oldest remaining team!

Join us at 9:30PM Eastern tonight for the pre-game show, followed by the best-of-three series at 10:00PM. The captain of Majestic, Mr SLnister, will be on the pre-game show to chat about his team and their road to the Elite Eight.

Tonight’s Teams

Red Ray is the oldest continuous Grifball team remaining in the GGL post-season, and along with a small handful of other teams is the oldest team in all of Grifball! Led by long-time players Momstacos81, Avaianche812, and runNOKYARDrun, Red Ray last made a run this deep in the playoffs during the Spring 2011 season of the AGLA Amateur League, when they went all the way and secured their first (and thus far only) championship. They have their eyes set on the GGL prize this season, though, and are looking to take one more giant step to the promised land.

Majestic, captained by Mr SLnister, is the last remaining rookie team in the playoffs and the only rookie team to make it to the Elite Eight. To enthusiastic replies, he recently posted in the forums:

We are “Majestic”,
SPARTAN-IV supersoldiers of the United Nations Space Command.

Our road to the playoffs has been fought with many battles and struggles against formidable foes, but the path to the championship only gets harder.

Soon, we will have to face “Red Ray”, a team that has more seasons, more experience, and more championships than us.

If lady luck brings us past “Red Ray”, we go on to face “Four Guys, One Ball”… The team that is cited as “the best team there is in Halo 4 Grifball”.

We are the only “rookie” team left to stand in the playoffs.

Although we stand in the presence of Goliath, we have found the mighty stone…
and it is you, fellow community members.

With your help, we will bring revenge and retribution to these monsters that crushed your playoff hopes.

Needless to say, the team has gained a number of fans over the past few weeks. But will the cheering crowds be enough to lift Majestic to the Final Four?

Make your predictions!

We want to hear your predictions for the series! Who will come out on top? What will the score be? Please fill out this quick survey to give your thoughts.

Click here to watch the stream at 9:30PM Eastern tonight!

We hope to see you for the show tonight! Keep an eye on our Twitter feed, our Wednesday Night Grifbrawl thread, and our stream for more updates!

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