Wednesday Night Grifbrawl: Hot Bikini Guyz vs Ball So Hard

It’s Grifball night in America!

Wednesday Night Grifbrawl is our weekly show where we feature live-streamed Grifball action, complete with audience giveaways and play-by-play commentary by our own Texorcist. Tonight we have a pair of epic matchups for you to enjoy!

Tonight is the first Presidential debate for the 2012 election. But for those who would rather watch two sides attack each other in a more literal fashion, we have a 9:00PM Eastern matchup between WNG regulars Jackals with Freakin Laser Beams and Gent Inc.! The teams are facing off in the final match of the Second Chance Cup, the runners-up tournament that determines which of the teams that narrowly missed the AGLA playoffs was most deserving of a post-season berth. Their championship series is tied 1-1, and it’s winner-take-all!

While Democrats and Republicans are hammering each others proposals, we’ll be watching our featured match of the night: a decisive World Cup match between the world-famous Hot Bikini Guyz and PriestXYZ’s new team Ball So Hard. Priest has led his team to both an AGLA and a GGL championship, and the Hot Bikini Guyz are perennial contenders who have also captured a ‘ship.

Ball So Hard is a new team made up of definitely-not-new players. Priest has taken players from both Way to Fail and the first Reach championship team Cabs Are Here to create a deadly combination. These players were the best two years ago when Reach first launched. Are they still the best, now that our days in Reach are almost over?

The Hot Bikini Guyz specialize in lolziness. They have been together (with virtually the same roster) for over two years now. They specialize in Grifball Dash, but have recently become more adept at tanking with the addition of ixGingy to the roster. They’ve proven to be one of the best Dash teams in the past. Can they win two-of-three tonight against Ball So Hard?

The two teams will face off first on Vanilla Grifball, then Grifball Dash, and finally on Blargball. The team that wins two games will win the Elite group in the World Cup and advance to the Elimination Round. You won’t want to miss this!

I know what he’d rather be doing tonight!

The action will start at 9:00PM Eastern with the Jackals vs Gent Inc. matchup. At 10:00PM Eastern, Ball So Hard and Hot Bikini Guyz will take to the court for their final showdown in Reach.

Click here to watch the stream at 9:00PM Eastern on Wednesday, October 3

Keep an eye on our Twitter feed, our WNG thread, and our stream for more updates!

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