Wednesday Night Grifbrawl: Green Army vs Four Guys One Ball

Are you ready for some Grifbrawl?!

Wednesday Night Grifbrawl is our weekly Grifball show where we stream the top matches with live expert commentary!

Tonight on Wednesday Night Grifbrawl we will be featuring a double-header between two hammer-hardened Grifball teams. They are part of our marquee division, Division 1, which is made up of six of the best and most experienced teams around.

Tonight Green Army and Four Guys One Ball will step into the arena for an epic double-header match. The pre-game show will start at 9:30PM EST, and the main event will begin at 10:00. You won’t want to miss the pre-game show — it will include a recap of last week’s match, complete with expert analysis on how your Grifball team can succeed like the Hot Bikini Guyz.

But that’s not all: Tonight we have a special surprise that will truly revolutionize the way you watch Grifball! Every Grifball, Halo, and e-Sports fan should be sure to tune in tonight!

Tonight’s teams Green Army is a team that has its roots deep in the fabric of Grifball history. Originally established in the summer league of 2008, Green Army has been playing for nearly five years. Think about it – they were playing Grifball back when “Low” by Flo Rida and T-Pain was popular. Green Army’s roster includes captain Texorcist, Nanadel, RallyFox, Vanirfrejya, GT Greenhorn, JayAhre, A Man Canon, and iHoncho316.

Their opponents tonight are Four Guys One Ball. 4G1B have been playing Grifball for 10 seasons and have a championship title to their name — The final Dash championship in Halo: Reach. 4G1B’s roster includes captain Crusader0102, TrueFlyingCow, L1ght5aber, Jedi Hunter and xRebsx. Rumor has it that TrueFlyingCow, the owner of and the senior AGLA admin, is the guy with the one ball, but no one knows for sure.

This will not be the first time that 4G1B has faced the grizzled Green Army. On previous occasions it has been 4G1B who has emerged from the arena as the victors, but on any given Wednesday anything is possible.

Make your predictions! We want to hear your predictions for the game! Who will come out on top? Please fill out this quick survey to give your thoughts.

Click here to watch the stream at 9:30PM Eastern tonight!

We hope to see you for the show tonight! Keep an eye on our Twitter feed, our Wednesday Night Grifbrawl thread, and our stream for more updates!

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2 Responses to “Wednesday Night Grifbrawl: Green Army vs Four Guys One Ball”
  1. TacoPizzaHunter says:

    So excited for tonight! Can’t wait!!!

  2. Kyle1NSpace says:

    Tonight will be the fastest Christmas Tree erection to date. My e-sports viewing needs to be revolutionized.