Wednesday Night Grifbrawl: Four Guys One Ball vs Hot Bikini Guyz

It’s Grifball night in America!

Join us tonight at 9:00PM Eastern for our eighth episode of our weekly Grifball show, Wednesday Night Grifbrawl! As we wind down our time in Reach, we have a special scrimmage tonight featuring two of the most fun Grifball teams around: Four Guys One Ball and the Hot Bikini Guyz! Both teams have been around for years and both are championship winners.

Crusader0102 leads 4G1B, joined by TrueFlyingCow, L1ght5aber, Jedi Hunter, and FPS Rebel. The team has been around for over 10 seasons, since the early days of Reach Grifball. They are the current reigning Grifball Dash champions.

TacoPizzaHunter is the captain of the Hot Bikini Guyz, a team that has been around since late 2009. The core of the team has been virtually unchanged since they began: TPH, Killerz Legit, and tinytim3501. They have recently added Gingy, an epic tank, to their lineup. In an interview earlier this year, TPH said:

Initially, we all just played as a team for fun. We enjoyed the game, and when we found the leagues we enjoyed it that much more. There are many things that keep us coming back. The chance at a ship every year, the community, and simply the pure joy of Grifball.

The teams will face off at 9:00PM Eastern in three games: First up will be Vanilla Girfball, followed by Grifball Dash, then a special on-court presentation of fan-favorite Smashball!

Click here to watch the stream at 9:00PM Eastern on Wednesday, October 10

We’ll also be giving away avatar codes and 800 Microsoft points during the broadcast. The play-by-play action will be called by our very own Texorcist.

Keep an eye on our Twitter feed, our WNG thread, and our stream for more updates!

Four Guys One Ball Championship Poster

Hot Bikini Guyz Championship Poster

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