Wednesday Night Grifbrawl: Easy as Pie vs Hot Bikini Guyz

It’s Grifball night in America!

The first Grifball league in Halo 4 kicked off this week. Over 400 teams are taking to the court to toss around the ol’ Grifball and mercilessly beat each other to death with giant hammers.

Wednesday Night Grifbrawl is our weekly Grifball show where we stream the top matches with live expert commentary, hosted by Texorcist. Tex has been playing Grifball for nearly five years and is also a regular on our weekly podcast, the Grifball Hubcast.

Tonight on Wednesday Night Grifbrawl we will be featuring a double-header between two of the top Grifball teams to ever walk into the arena. They are part of our marquee division, Division 1, which is made up of six of the best and most experienced teams around.

Tonight Easy as Pie and the Hot Bikini Guyz will step on stage for an epic double-header to kick off the season. The pre-game show will start at 9:30PM EST, and the main event will begin at 10:00.

Tonight’s teams Collectively, the players on Easy as Pie have more Grifball championships than any other team in the league. Easy as Pie won the American Grifball League of America for the final season in Reach, and the players have a total of 27 championship trophies between them. T RICH Da King is currently on a 4-season run of winning it all in the AGLA. Team captain Major SiIva has played in every AGLA championship match since Fall 2009, not including the two seasons he did not play for any team.

The core of the team — Major SiIva, Shadow S16, T Rich, Rocksys, and Doc Status have played together on many teams over the years. Most of the players on the team have been playing since the first seasons in Halo 3.

If that wasn’t enough, Easy as Pie has also added players who made a name for themselves in Halo: Reach. Priest XYZ, the captain of Way to Fail and Ball So Hard, teams that won the GGL, the AGLA, and the Grifball World Cup in Reach, has joined the roster, in addition to the all-star tank v Determined v. SiIva’s fellow AGLA Admin NOPLEX is on the team, along with former AGLA Commissioner and current Rooster Teeth employee Caleb Loves You.

One could make the case that this AGLA powerhouse is the favorite in tonight’s games, in the division, and in the league.

But Halo 4 is a new game with new opportunities. For teams to be successful in Halo 4 they need outstanding communication skills and team cohesion. And no one is closer to their teammates than the Hot Bikini Guyz.

HBG has been around since WL2010, making them one of the longest continual teams around. Between the GGL and the AGLA, they have played more than 10 seasons in Halo 3 and in Reach. Next month will be their three-year anniversary of joining the Grifball community.

Four of their players have formed the core of the team since the beginning: tinytim3501, AcePrado, Killerz Legit, and the team captain, TacoPizzaHunter. In the final season of Reach, HBG recruited the hot new tank ixGingy to their squad.

HBG are a perennial contender, often making appearances in the quarter-finals and finals. They won their first and only championship to date in Summer 2011, when they captured the GGL crown. Most recently, they were the runners-up in the FLAG Grifball tournament, the biggest Halo 4 Grifball competition before the GGL.

This match will be the first ever meeting between Easy as Pie and the Hot Bikini Guyz. Tip-off is at 10:00PM EST and the pre-game show starts at 9:30PM.

Make your predictions! We want to hear your predictions for the game! Who will come out on top? Please fill out this quick survey to give your thoughts.

Click here to watch the stream at 9:30PM Eastern tonight!

We hope to see you for the show tonight! Keep an eye on our Twitter feed, our Wednesday Night Grifbrawl thread, and our stream for more updates!

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