Watch the Top Grifball Matches This Season on Wednesday Night Grifbrawl!

The next season of our Grifball league is underway! And with that comes the opportunity to tune in and watch the best Grifball teams duke it out on the court…live!

Every Wednesday evening GrifballHub brings you two of the greatest Grifball teams in the world as they play the Sport of the Future. The broadcast comes complete with a pre-game show, where we interview players and captains, as well as expert commentary during the match and give-aways for the audience! We call it Wednesday Night Grifbrawl.

What’s more, Wednesday Night Grifbrawl is streamed on our famous map with the on-court camera! This gets you right into the action as you see every swing, stab, and pass right from the players’ point of view!

Set a reminder for every Wednesday night to tune in to our primary streaming channel for live Grifball action. This season, we are bring you these matchups:

March 20 at 9:30PM EDT: Hot Bikini Guyz vs Green Army Jr.

Two of the most entertaining teams in Grifball play a double-header in the season tip-off! Pre-game show starts at 9:30PM EDT, games begin at 10:00PM!

March 27 at 9:30PM EDT: What the Grif vs Aces

Two evenly-matched teams forge a new divisional rivalry. Aces played in the Veteran Division last season, while this is What the Grif’s first trip.

April 3 at 9:30PM EDT: Green Army vs Paradox Warriors

Green Army is one of the oldest (in every sense of the word) teams in Grifball, having been around since 2008. Paradox Warriors is one of the youngest, having joined in 2012. Will the veterans beat them with experience? Or will the Warriors show them some new tricks?

April 10 at 9:30PM EDT: Qwib Qwibs Ambition vs Zero Logic

Two championship contenders take to the court for a mid-season showdown. Qwib Qwibs Ambition would like to set up another deep playoff run, while Zero Logic, also a perennial contender, tries to recapture the magic of their SML2009 championship-winning season.

April 17 at 9:30PM EDT: A Righteous Kill vs HarLum Grifballer

Two teams that perhaps need an introduction: A Righteous Kill may be the best up-and-coming team in Grifball, captained by the unstoppable KID TONGA 1, while HarLum Grifballer is captained by veteran Grifballer TheAlphaTurtle. Either team may be within striking distance of a playoff berth in Week 5!

April 24 at 8:30PM EDT: Easy as Pie vs Four Guys One Ball

The season ends not with a whimper, but with a bang. It’s a rematch of the epic championship match from our Winter 2013 as Halo 4 Champions Easy as Pie takes on last season’s runner-up Four Guys One Ball. Their last meeting was called the greatest Grifball game ever played — a two hour showdown that went down to the very last point. Will Easy as Pie continue their winning ways this season? Or will Four Guys One Ball have their revenge?

All this is coming up this season on Wednesday Night Grifbrawl! Be sure to tune in each and every week for your weekly dose of high-quality Grifball action!

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