Watch the Grifball Anniversary Cup on TwitchTV on December 15 From 6:00PM – 11:00PM EST

Grifball is turning six years old! To celebrate, GrifballHub is running the greatest live-streamed Grifball tournament in history! And you’re invited!

The Grifball Anniversary Cup will be a special six-team, live-streamed tournament hosted by GrifballHub from 6:00PM EST to 11:00PM EST on Sunday, December 15 on our TwitchTV channel: Twitch.TV/GrifballHub. The broadcast will include audience giveaways, team interviews, and special prizes for the tournament champions!

Games begin at 6:00PM EST. Live expert commentary will be provided by GrifballHub’s The Texorcist and Goosechecka. Audience giveaways during the broadcast include Xbox Live avatar codes, Xbox gift cards, and Rooster Teeth Grifball plushies!

The eSports-quality stream will also include team interviews, instant replays, and our famous spectator-mode camera!


Six of the top Grifball teams in the world have qualified for the event. They are:

Watch in Awe Watch in Awe was the first team to qualify for the Grifball Anniversary Cup. Captained by Crusader0102, the team is our current reigning GGL champions. Although they will be facing heavy competition, they are surely the favorites going into the tournament.

Suit and Tie Suit and Tie is a “new” team made up of some outstanding veteran players. Captained by T RAIN Da King, every player on the team has appeared in a Grifball league championship game before, and the players have multiple titles.

Easy as Pie Easy as Pie was the first Halo 4 Grifball champions, having won our Winter 2013 season one year ago. They are contenders every season, and Major SiIva‘s team is always a threat to win it all.

5 Guys 1 Cup 5 Guys 1 Cup is a combination of several veteran players who have been in the Grifball leagues for many seasons. Four to oh captains one of the teams in GrifballHub’s competitive league, the AGLA, and hopes to advance to the second round and upset Watch in Awe.

Rocket Jews A play on the Grifball term “Rocket Shoes” (when you surprise your runner with an unexpected launch!), this team is made up of several big names in the Grifball community. The team is captained by Nanadel, who has been playing Grifball since 2008 and is regarded as a top tank. 2012’s Grifballer of the Year TacoPizzeHunter rounds out the team’s roster.

Divine Intervention Many Grifballers are picking Divine Intervention to upset Watch in Awe in the championship game, although they must beat Easy as Pie and Suit and Tie to get there. This team, captained by long-time Grifballer ActiveHate, is made up of some of the best tanks and runners in the league.


The first match of the evening, 5 Guys 1 Cup vs Rocket Jews, will tip-off at 6:00PM EST. Divine Intervention and Easy as Pie will begin their match at 7:00PM. Watch in Awe will take on the winner of the 6:00PM match at 8:00PM, and Suit and Tie will face the winner of the 7:00PM match at 9:00PM. The championship game will commence at 10:00PM.

The winners of the tournament will receive one-of-a-kind Grifball Anniversary Cup trophies to commemorate their legendary accomplishment:


The Grifball Anniversary Cup will be a live-streamed Halo extravaganza unlike any other. Be sure to tune in to Twitch.TV/GrifballHub/ on Sunday, December 15 to watch the action.

Each day leading up to the Cup we will be releasing feature videos so you can get to know the teams and their accomplishments. These videos will be posted to the GrifballHub YouTube page. You can keep up with all of the Grifball Anniversary Cup action, including team features, updates, and information, by following us on Twitter @GrifballHub

See you on the live stream!

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