Twitter Tuesday – Happy Birthday Grifball Edition

This week marks Grifball’s 5th birthday! The sport of the future has survived three games, two developers, and more commissioners than you can count! There’s been ups and downs, hammers and swords, and host and lag, but through it all Grifball has survived, prospered, and is ever looking forward.

In honor of this momentous occasion, the Twitter Tuesday this week will be sharing some of the birthday wishes we’ve received (all of the PG ones, at least!).

@ @ @ @ My congrats to you on five years of Grifball! Crazy.
Happy 5 year to the Grifball Community from all of us at @ - … (cc: @ @)
The Halo Council
Happy birthday #Grifball: a sport so epic, only genetically engineered super-soldiers from the future can handle it. @ @
5 years ago today, Grifball was created. Needless to say, the creation of said gametype has truly changed my life. <3 @ @
Happy 5th Birthday to #Grifball, the sport that continues to be the sport of the future @ @
Aaron Southerland
Happy 5th B-Day to the greatest sport ever created! 'roids won't save you here! @
Richard Hokushin

But that’s not all! The party celebration continues with our Happy Birthday Grifball Events and our Happy Birthday Grifball video!

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