Twitter Tuesday #73

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Grifball is the greatest thing ever.
The only thing getting me through today is knowing that I can go home and play #grifball all afternoon
Jacob Snyder
Players should take a knee & return to their spawns while captains get in a party chat and decide how to handle the lag. #GrifballSuperBowl
Goose Checka
@ Okay, that was the best Grifball related power outage joke I've seen yet. Well played Goose!
I'm really feeling a hot shower, hot food and some grifball
Bret Smalt
Only been waiting for Grifball playlist since Halo 4 came out!!! Now I got top notch nachos to snack on while I be scoring goals!
Janet Michael
Lawlz @ will be envious of that sack. RT @: OMG!! Best name for the Grifball mail bag - The Ball Sack
Jason Mishler


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One Response to “Twitter Tuesday #73”
  1. Proacejoker says:

    Mmmmmmmm ball sack