Twitter Tuesday #63

This week on the Twitter Tuesday we’ll be observing Grifballers in the wild and eavesdropping on their conversations. Featured this week are @ForsakenMango @Vanirfrejya @TacoPizzaHunter @XeroZebra and @ProAceJoker

"How do you feel about getting hit in the head with [redacted]..."~Me: "Soft things are alright."~@
@ He said Grifball plushies. Damn you Mango.
Michelle Ward


@ why do I have a sudden urge to hate you? Why? Cause RTX is where it's at, and guess where I'm not going to be? RTX
Jonathan Carroll
@ @ also we're still technically minors but you know "minor" detail (see what I did there?)
@ @ Pshh!!! Who cares about that?!? As you said, that's a minor detail! (I did see what you did there!)
@ @ Just tell them that THE TacoPizzaHunter will be there! They'll understand! ;)
@ @ but then I'm all like "Grifball guy" and they're like "ZOMG HIM!!!" And then the faint and I don't get an answer
Jonathan Carroll
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