Tonight’s GRUNT: Grifball Evolved

Last night’s GRUNT was a great success. After two hours of play, Cold as the Cold Wind Blows beat He’s On My X in the championship to capture the first GRUNT title. If you have any feedback regarding last night’s gametype, please post it as a comment here or in the Vanilla Grifball thread.

Tonight, Friday the 17th, we are moving on to our second GRUNT: Grifball Evolved. This gametype is very similar to last night’s Vanilla Grifball, but with one important difference: All players are given the Evade Armor Ability. The tanks are on a roll as they can swoop past their opponents in one lightning-quick move. It certainly adds an additional tactical element to the game that won’t be easy to master.

The map for tonight’s GRUNT will once again be Nuclear Taco’s GGL Coliseum.

Sign-ups begin tonight at 10:00PM EST. At that time, if you have a team of at least four lined up, you can sign up here. Shortly after 10:30PM, a bracket will be posted on the Hub and in the Evolved GRUNT discussion thread. Once a game has been played, the winning captain must report it here.

If you are looking for a team for tonight’s tournament, feel free to leave a comment or post in this thread.

Remember, too, that GrifballHub is collecting Reach highlights from any Reach Grifball games. Highlight submissions are due 11:59PM EST, Monday September 20. To submit a highlight, save the film from your perspective, upload it to your fileshare, and e-mail the fileshare link of the highlight to When you edit your clip, be sure to leave at least 10 seconds before and after the highlight.

If you submit a highlight, and your highlight makes it into the first highlight reel for Grifball in Reach, you will receive a special Noble 6 Avatar Helmet code, courtesy of our friends at Halo Waypoint.

Click here to download the gametype for tonight’s matches.

Click here to download the map.

To download them, you must be signed into Once you click the “download” button, the map and gametype will appear on your console the next time you sign into Reach.

Let us know if you have any questions. We hope to see you on the court tonight!

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3 Responses to “Tonight’s GRUNT: Grifball Evolved”
  1. The Thurmanator says:

    Just get ready for a bunch of evade jumping (jump right before coming out of an evade roll) from spawn to spawn in 4 seconds…

  2. Kal says:

    The court’s pretty large, but you can still cover a good length of it by evade-jumping.

    Of course, what would be great is if we can get the timing down to also pick up the ball on the way. Kind of a hammerless flowers.

  3. Toktyn says:

    Timing is easy. Figured it out with Nogard the other day. Didn’t take long.