TGIF #34 by TacoPizzaHunter

Everyone loves Friday. It’s the one day of the week that, when it ends, you know you can relax. Well, we’d like to help you reach that point of full relaxation. You may be wondering, “How will they help me relax”? By showing you Grifball videos, of course! TGIF will be a weekly article that showcases Grifball videos that have been uploaded to Youtube within the past week. A few will be chosen and featured in the article. These videos may range from commentaries, to full games, to 10 second clips of pure awesomeness. If it has to do with Grifball, it will be considered.

*The way I find these videos is by typing “Grifball” into the Youtube search bar. If you want your video to be considered, be sure to have the word Grifball somewhere in the title or description of your video. You can also shoot me a link via Twitter (@TacoPizzaHunter), including a link to the film and the hashtag #GrifballTGIF.

Halo 4 – GGL Griffball Playoff Highlights

First thing first, ignore the second “f”. I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt and saying that his finger slipped. With that being said, welcome BAMFAPOTAMIS to this week’s TGIF! This team has been flying through playoffs, and they figured they’d share some of their experiences with us! This reel is from the team’s current playoff run. I expect many great things from this team for many seasons to come.

Halo 4: Grifball Madness #2 (Live Commentary)
Uploaded by: derekthadon

Derekthadon is back this week with another Grifball Live Commentary. I’m going to keep things plain and simple, the epic laugh is back! Definitely a good watch!

Grifball’s AGLA Hard Liquor Chasers vs Hammer Bros!
Uploaded by: MoltenSlowa

To round out this week’s article, MoltenSlowa brings us a match from his team’s AGLA season! While the match may have ended up a little one sided, it’s still fun to watch a league match, regardless of the score! Who doesn’t like to watch Grifball??? (I’ll answer that, weird people. Only weird people don’t like to watch Grifball)

And that’ll do it for this week! Just an FYI, I’m gonna be holding off on the Flashback Feature in future articles. I’ve come to a point where I’ve used up all of the good Grifball videos of the past. If I find one I really like, I’ll probably stick it in there, but don’t expect it to be a weekly thing anymore. Also, I’m expecting a HUGE influx of Grifball videos come next week due to the Grifball playlist! If you want your video to be considered for this article, be sure to put the word Grifball somewhere in the title/description, or shoot me a tweet @TacoPizzaHunter. I’m excited to see what the future brings for this article. I’m gonna probably go take a shower now! I will take pictures if you ask nicely. ;) See you guys next week!!!

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  1. goosechecka says:

    BAMFOPOTOMUS might be one of the best team names ever.