TGIF #32 – Grifball Video Top 5’s of 2012 by TacoPizzaHunter

What’s up everyone? I hope you’re all enjoying the start of your new year! As I’m sure you can tell, we’re going to do things a little differently this week. We’re going to take a look back at 2012 and relive the best Grifball videos that were highlighted in all 31 articles! So get yourself comfy, grab some popcorn and a soda, and prepare for a long ride as we countdown some of the best videos 2012 provided! Enjoy!

Highlights and Montages
5) 4G1B Griftage
Uploaded by: Rebelxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Those guys we all hate to love (or is that just me?) come in at the 5 spot! Rebel put this montage out about a week before Halo 4 came out. The video features all members of 4G1B doing what they do best. I mean come on, it’s 4G1B, it’s gotta be good.

4) Gotta Catch em All – Grifball Introduction Video
Uploaded by: Konker606

Taking the 4 spot, we have the fine folks from GCeA! These guys are a relatively new team, just starting to make a presence in Halo 4. This video features some highlights from all the members, along with some amazing editing! I truly feel that we will be hearing this team name quite a bit in the future!

3) Green Army Junior – GGL Season 9 Highlights
Uploaded by: nuketaco42

Everyone knows this next team name. Taking the 3 spot is Green Army Jr. This highlight reel shows GAJr doing what they do best, trick plays. I don’t think there is a basic highlight within this whole reel. Not only are the clips amazing, but this video has a large comic effect; making it not only serious, but funny too! And seriously, the team who got “head rolled” against was not my team…..I swear! ;)

2) HH Gaming Grifball Highlights 6 (Community Edition 2)
Uploaded by: HuberHeightsGaming

This next video is one of my personal favorites. The guys at HHGaming take #2 with their Community Highlights. These guys took the community by storm, putting out weekly highlight videos for everyone to enjoy. The reason I chose this particular one is because I feel that this is when they really stepped their videos up a notch. After this video, everything was golden.

1) Grifball: A Look Back
Uploaded by: ToiletGamers

Taking the number 1 spot for Highlights and Montages it Mikinater’s video reminiscing on the old days. This video came out not long before the release of Halo 4. The video takes us on a stroll down memory lane. It starts out highlighting the good old days of Halo 3, and eventually works its way up to the end of Halo Reach. This video was put together so perfectly and really captures the evolution of Grifball. Definitely one of my favorite videos of 2012!

5) Halo Reach: Dirty Killionaire (Extermination)
Uploaded by: emistryman

Taking number 5 is emistryman with his “dirty” Killionaire/Extermination. His beast mode was no doubt on when he started tanking towards this gorgeous kill streak. He plowed through everything in his path. A very nice clip, definitely deserving a spot in this article!

4) Ec1ip53 Grifball Killtrocity
Uploaded by: kegler73

Ec1ip53 takes the number 4 spot for this countdown with is Killtrocity bomb-arm. The guys from Midland Base have consistently put out good content, and Ec1ip53 is no exception. Now many of you may be thinking, “How does a Killtrocity beat a Killionaire?” The difference between the two clips is that this one ends with a bomb arm. For me, that’s the kicker to a good clip. I love seeing someone get an amazing highlight, and then finishing with the arm! Ec1ip53 does just that and lands himself at number 4.

3) Halo Reach Grifball extermination x2
Uploaded by: TheCliporis

This next clip is super unique! Taking the 3 spot is Iconic Fatality with his impressive back to back Overkill/Exterminations! One Extermination on the tip-off is awesome enough, but if you follow that up with another Extermination in the same life, that takes the clip to a whole new level. This clip is more than deserving of its #3 spot.

2) Killtasthrope, Extermination on Grifball
Uploaded by: LittleturboFly

Coming in at #2 is LittleturboFly and his Killtastrophe Extermination tank-in! LittleturboFly decides that he doesn’t need any help from his teammates and takes the game into his own hands. He tanks into the opposing spawn and works his way up to a Killtastrophe. The only thing that was able to stop him was the score of his teammate. This is a fine example of a lead tank in action!

1) iBRY :: Halo 3 Clip :: Killionaire +3
Uploaded by: iBRYVideos

Taking the number 1 spot is iBRY with is amazing Killionaire arm. Even though the clip is from Halo 3, it’s one of the best plays I saw in all of 2012. BRY works his way up to a Killionaire, but decides he’s not done yet. He nets 3 more kills, one of which is the runner, and ends his clip with the score to end the round! Honestly one of the best clips I’ve seen come out of Halo 3! It definitely deserves its spot at number 1!

Commentaries and Let’s Play’s
5) Heavy CrowBar Let’s Play-Halo 4 Grifball

Uploaded by: SABU186

The number 5 spot goes to SABU, for his split-screen madness! This Let’s Play may be a little basic, but it’s definitely entertaining to watch. Throughout the game, we get to hear the reactions from all of the players on the court. This is a very humorous Let’s Play well deserving of #5!

4) I´m HIGH up in the sky! Grifball (Halo Reach Gameplay/ Live com)
Uploaded by: DeadPixelHQ

DeadPixelHQ takes #4 with his rather unique approach to his commentary. First off, it’s Jetpack Grifball. Secondly, this is more of a sound effect test than a commentary. Throughout the whole game, we really get to feel what he’s feeling because he does a fantastic job of putting us in his shoes….through sounds. This is a hilarious commentary that had me laughing the whole time!

3) Halo: Reach Grifball – The Bloody Grifticles #1 “BLARG!”
Uploaded by: TheSnipingBiznatch

What can I say about the #3 video? So much awesome happens within this video! This match of Blargball starts out with a huge debate on what Blargball actually is. Even after they figure out that Blarg means elite, they still have a hysterical match full of awesome commentary! This is by far one of the funniest videos I’ve seen while doing TGIF!

Uploaded by: MattEatsMochi

Number 2 goes to MattEatsMochi for his extremely intense game of Grifball. The title of the video says it all, Grifball is srs business. The two people highlighted in this video take Grifball to a new level. Not only do we get to see the gameplay, but we get to see the people behind the gameplay as well. Let’s just say that they REALLY care about the match. This is a fantastic game of live Grifball!

1) Halo Reach Gameplay : Grifball on Oracles Revenge – W/Commentary
Uploaded by: LewisBlogsGaming

And finally we have one of my favorite commentators out of any gameplay, Grifball or not. Lewis takes the number 1 spot for his extremely entertaining gameplay’s of Reach Grifball. It’s no shock that I became a fan of Lewis. Whenever he put out a Grifball commentary, I was sure to put it in that week’s article. His personality makes his commentaries what they are. He is so unique in his approach it keeps you watching the whole time. Lewis is more than deserving of this number 1 spot!

5) Halo Reach Grfball in the 1920’s

Uploaded by: TheBurker

The number 5 spot goes to The Burker for his way of imagining what Grifball would look like back in the 1920’s. The simple answer, black and white, duh! I simply love this video because it’s so unique. It’s simple, but when you think about it, it’s actually really creative.

4) The Noob Grifball Player(Halo: Reach Machinima)
Uploaded by: 7thElementAlliance

This next video kept me laughing for weeks. The guys from 7thElementAlliance take out 4 spot with their Grifball machinima. The story takes us through the life of a Grifball noob. I have just one word for this video, derp.

3) Halo 4- OuterSpace ?Grifball? F&G
Uploaded by: DarkShark1401

The 3rd spot goes to DarkShark and his time-lapse forge of his unique Grifball court. The video starts off by showing a time-lapsed video of him forging an entire Grifball court. First off, awesome! Secondly, I love how unique the court is! I really missed unique courts in Halo Reach and I’m happy to see people already trying out some new ideas with Halo 4. I was very intrigued in what this video showcased.

2) Halo Mega Bloks Toymation Fest 2012 Entry: Grifball Marked for Destruction
Uploaded by: W2daERN

Throughout all of 2012’s TGIF, I’m sure you all picked up on how much I enjoy stop-motion videos. That’s exactly why W2daERN takes the number 2 spot. This stop-motion film showcases a story that revolves around our little game of Grifball. I am truly in shock whenever I see these videos. This is true genius!

1) Things to do in… Minecraft – Grifball
Uploaded by: AHCommunityVids

Taking the number 1 spot for the “Other” category is…..well…..Minecraft! AxialMatt put two of the best things in life together, Grifball and Minecraft! For those who may not know much about Minecraft, this is super impressive! This fully functioning Grifball court had to take my number 1 spot, simply because of the quality of the map and how smooth the gameplay looks!

And with that, were done!!!! 2012 provided some amazing Grifball content. However, with the release of Halo 4, and the eventual release of the playlist, I expect bigger and better things in 2013! Please keep uploading! This article is nothing without you guys! Thanks for making my 2012 so amazing! I’m gonna chill on my new laptop now! See you guys again next Friday!

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