TGIF #31 by TacoPizzaHunter

Everyone loves Friday. It’s the one day of the week that, when it ends, you know you can relax. Well, we’d like to help you reach that point of full relaxation. You may be wondering, “How will they help me relax”? By showing you Grifball videos, of course! TGIF will be a weekly article that showcases Grifball videos that have been uploaded to Youtube within the past week. A few will be chosen and featured in the article. These videos may range from commentaries, to full games, to 10 second clips of pure awesomeness. If it has to do with Grifball, it will be considered.

*The way I find these videos is by typing “Grifball” into the Youtube search bar. If you want your video to be considered, be sure to have the word Grifball somewhere in the title or description of your video. You can also shoot me a link via Twitter (@TacoPizzaHunter), including a link to the film and the hashtag #GrifballTGIF.

Halo 4 Grifball Gameplay Highlights (Custom Map)
Uploaded by: Endmixyh

Click here to view the video.

While this video may be a little different than what we’re used to seeing, people still die by hammers so it’s ok with me. Endmixyh brings us this highlight reel of a custom map that they played some Grifball on. Personally, I love seeing the creativity of people! Reach had very straight-forward maps, with not much variation. I really like seeing Grifball played a little differently. I really enjoyed this video!

Grifball GGL Winter League 2013 Div. 46 Wk. 4 Midland Base Vs. Dota 2 Allstars
Uploaded by: kegler73

Kegler and his team are back for yet another week. Once again, they bring us a league match. Just watch and enjoy. ;)

Gotta Catch em All – Grifball Introdution Video
Uploaded by: Konker606

This is one of my favorite videos that I’ve seen in a while! The folks from the team “Gotta Catch em All” created this FANTASTIC introduction video, highlighting all the members of their team! This team is currently playing in the GGL, and I’d love to see them stick around for a while! These guys are definitely ones to watch! I cannot recommend this video enough!

Partita Natalizia – Halo 4 Grifball [02]
Uploaded by: TheMasterKamper93

I have a very tough time finding words to describe this video. First off, it’s all in a different language. However, that’s exactly what kept me watching the video! There’s something about foreign languages and Grifball that just make everything so appealing! The gameplay itself is decent, but trust me, it’s the commentary you’ll be staying for!

Halo 4- OuterSpace ?Grifball? F&G
Uploaded by: DarkShark1401

We’ll finish out the week with some awesome fast-motion forging! DarkShark shows us exactly how he forged one of his recent Grifball maps, all in super-fast motion! This video once again brings me to the point of creativity in Grifball maps. I truly hope to see more maps with twists to them. I love a standard square court as much as the next guy, but I also love slopes! I gotta give it to DarkShark for being completely unique in his design. I really enjoyed watching his thought process!

And now we say goodbye to Week 31! I’m gonna go to bed now. So goodnight, and see you guys next week!

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