TGIF #29 by TacoPizzaHunter

Everyone loves Friday. It’s the one day of the week that, when it ends, you know you can relax. Well, we’d like to help you reach that point of full relaxation. You may be wondering, “How will they help me relax”? By showing you Grifball videos, of course! TGIF will be a weekly article that showcases Grifball videos that have been uploaded to YouTube within the past week. A few will be chosen and featured in the article. These videos may range from commentaries, to full games, to 10 second clips of pure awesomeness. If it has to do with Grifball, it will be considered.

*The way I find these videos is by typing “Grifball” into the YouTube search bar. If you want your video to be considered, be sure to have the word Grifball somewhere in the title or description of your video. You can also shoot me a link via Twitter (@TacoPizzaHunter), including a link to the film and the hashtag #GrifballTGIF.

Halo 4 – Grifball League Week 2 Highlights

To start off this week, we join BAMFAPOTAMIS and his team with some team highlights from Week Two! While this isn’t as flashy as the Highlight Frenzy, this is still a fantastic highlight reel! The editing is actually quite decent in my opinion. I really enjoyed watching this reel. It’s put together quite well!

Grifball GGL Winter League 2013 Wk. 2 Div. 46 Midland Bellwethers Vs. The Serial Killers
Uploaded by: kegler73

Once again, kegler and the Midland Bellwethers join us for yet another TGIF. This match is between them and The Serial Killers. Give these guys a watch. They put out so much content, they deserve more recognition than they get!

Uploaded by: MattEatsMochi

This video rates up as one of my favorite videos I’ve featured in a TGIF. You think league Grifball is serious? Wait till you watch these guys play a simple custom game. If every game was played like this, the world would be a better place. Just watch it, you won’t regret it.

Flashback Feature
H3 WL08 – HBO Forum vs. Team Bungie [Major Silva POV]
Uploaded by: AGLAGrifball

We’re going to go WAAAAY back to 2008 for this week’s Flashback Feature. This film is from the very first Grifball league. I could rant on and talk about this film like I know what I’m talking about, but I wasn’t around back then. So I’ll just let Silva take it over from here. “This game is from the first official Grifball season that started in December 2007 where my team went against a team of Bungie employees that decided to sign up for Grifball’s first season.” – Silva

And that ends week 29! I’m gonna send this to Goose now before she kills me for being late (again).

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