Test Out Potential Matchmaking Maps and Gametypes This Month!

The Grifball matchmaking playlist received a minor update this summer, but GrifballHub is gearing up to submit more maps and gametypes for the next generation of Grifball goodness. But we need your help!

This month we are running a series of tournaments (“Brawls”) and mixers to test out new combinations and get the community’s feedback. What maps are the best? Which gametypes did you enjoy the most? And which might need more work before being shipped to 343 for possible inclusion in the playlist?


Get your team together (or come alone!) and join us on:

Monday, October 7, 8:00PM EDT: Emerald Brawl On Monday, we’ll be playing a round-robin, one-night tournament to test out Field Grifball on the map Emerald Isle. Field Grifball is just like the sport we all know and love, expect teams can toss in the ball for the score in addition to running it in! Teams can sign up for the tournament starting at 8:00PM Eastern, and games will begin at 8:30PM.

More details are available here.

Tuesday, October 8, 9:00PM EDT: Dash Brawl The old Reach favorite is back! Strap on your Thruster Packs (TWSS) and barrel roll your way in for a score! Signups open at 9:00PM Eastern with games beginning 30 minutes later.

More details are available here.

Friday, October 11, 10:00PM EDT: Successor Brawl Join us for the third Brawl of the week as we try out Field Grifball on a new (yet familiar) map, Spiritual Successor! Teams of four can sign up at the west-coast-friendly time of 10:00PM Eastern and the bracket will be released at 10:30. All the Brawls are expected to last two hours, so be sure your team is available to play the entire time!

More details are available here.

Monday, October 15, 2:00PM EDT: Creative Gametype Mixer On Columbus Day, when we celebrate…something or other…we’ll be exploring new worlds ourselves as we try out Halo 4 GrifGoose and Jetpack Grifball! It’ll be a two hour mixer for the entire community. To receive an invite, simply post your gamertag in this thread on the forums. Invites will go out at 2:00PM Eastern from Kalbelgarion or another Hub admin. We’ll be playing for two hours.

Thursday, October 17, 8:00PM EDT: Community Mixer Our final event will be a second mixer on Thursday, October 17, during the two hours before that week’s Grifball Hubcast. All are welcome to join as we try out all of the new gametypes: Field Grifball, Grifball Dash, GrifGoose, and Jetpack Grifball! To receive an invite, post your gamertag in this thread on the forums. Invites will go out from Kalbelgarion or another Hub admin at 8:00PM Eastern.


After you’ve played these new maps and gametypes, we want to hear your feedback! What did you like or dislike? Post in each event’s thread and give us your opinions.

See you on the court!

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