Ten Questions With Madklowndisease

Though a veteran player, Madklowndisease played this past Winter season in the rookie league with Ten Inches of Terror, thanks to rules which were put in place before the Winter league began. After dominating regular season play, TiT was surprisingly knocked off in the first round of the playoffs. Klown will likely return to the legacy ranks for the upcoming Spring season. It’s uncertain at this time however which team he’ll be playing with.

1. How long have you been involved with the sport of Grifball?
According to Bungie, I have been playing since January 30th, 2008.

2. What kind of player are you?
The position I play most is ball runner. The kind of player I am is a very defensive one.

3. If you could change one thing about Grifball or its community, what would that be?
Every single game should be played on a neutral host. Players should be penalized (suspended) for their actions on the forums.

4. Is there a player/team that has inspired your style of play?
I learned a lot about decision making from watching Flowers and Pwnguinmessiah play.

5. Name one player who always gives you fits when you play against them. What makes them so difficult?
I can’t really think of anyone off-host that I struggle against. Maybe Scet Shin when I’m running the ball but that’s it.

6. Name one player you think is underrated by most. Why?
XC 400 (A Baby Tortoise). XC is a VERY smart player. (Unless he pulls host in a custom game.)

7. Name one player you think is overrated by most. Why?
Madklowndisease. I know a lot of people don’t think he is that good anyway. Trust me, he is worse than you think.

8. Besides Grifball, what other games/sports do you play?
In high-school I played Basketball and Football.

9. In your opinion, do stats matter in Grifball?
Not at all. The stats don’t determine who won a game. The plays made at crucial moments in a game determine who won.

10. If you could offer words of advice to rookie players, what would they be?
Awareness; know where all 8 players are at any given time. Memorize the spawn times. Be more Aggressive on Defense than on Offense.

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3 Responses to “Ten Questions With Madklowndisease”
  1. Kando says:

    Not too talkative, eh?

  2. Scet Shin says:

    Ya dood. I’m Twizzter, self proclaimed best defender of the league. Of course you’d have problems running against me.
    oh wait…

  3. TheOneHawk says:

    I stiffarmed Scet once.

    I’m hardcore.