Ten Questions with Cofrog

Cofrog plays for Bleep Bloop, the team formerly known as Super Happy Sunshine. When you discuss the top tanks in the league, his name should be part of the discussion. He is one of the most patient and difficult tanks to deal with on the court.

1. How long have you been involved with the sport of Grifball?
I first started playing grifball during the first matchmaking weekend. I was randomly partnered up with pwnguinmessiah and xc 400. After the game they invited me to party up with them. From there Super Happy Sunshine took me in, and shortly after I was asked to be on the team for the Spring 08 season.

2. What kind of player are you?
I’d really like to say that I’m a pure tank but that just wouldn’t be true. I’m mostly a tank/dance partner extraordinaire with a little sword play and a pinch of incompetent runner thrown in to make one decent playing style. Mostly I’m a dancing tank that works more on containment than straight forward killing. My main goal in a game is to keep the other team away from my grif and goal. Even if that means that I only dance with people to contain them instead of straight up killing them.

3. If you could change one thing about Grifball or its community, what would that be?
I know most people would say host, and I do agree with that, but I do feel that the community as a whole could benefit from legacy teams and players taking rookies in and helping them get better. There have been a lot of potential players and teams that have been turned off by the actions of legacy teams. Grifball is a game that was invented by and driven by the community. The legacy players should be showing new players the ropes, not ridiculing teams because they aren’t as good.

4. Is there a player/team that has inspired your style of play?
I’ve taken bits of style from so many people, but there have been a few that have really made me into the player that I am. When I first started guthouse would always pull me in to a custom game to do one on one hammer practice. He was the first one to ever teach me how to use the hammer when tanking. He helped me learn how to use the hammer range and also gave me a few dance lessons. Then I had xc and penguin’s swords of doom to contend with. They would force me to use my sword and also pick up the bomb to round out my playing. Finally, I’ve got to throw puppy out there. He was the first really patient tank that I came up against. I had to learn how to be incredibly patient with him and as a result we would have super long hammer battles during games.

5. Name one player who always gives you fits when you play against them. What makes them so difficult?
I’ve always had some trouble with CITI and Doc. Both of these players are so patient that they just draw out mistakes from the other team. Throw in good timing and they are a force on the court. There have been a few times that I can think of with these players where I would dance and dance with them and no one would even swing a hammer.

6. Name one player you think is underrated by most. Why?
Wolf am I is a player that hardly anyone thinks twice about. I didn’t know much about him before playing with him this past season, but he is a very well rounded player who can use the hammer and the sword very well. He is also one of the most intelligent players I’ve come across. He has a great ability to read the court and be in position to make a huge play.

7. Name one player you think is overrated by most. Why?
I thought a lot about who I would put here but in reality I can’t think of a reason to throw anyone under the bus. There are some people who have been talked up that when I play them I am underwhelmed with their abilities but other people still have problems with them. Just because I don’t have any problems with them doesn’t make them underrated. I just might connect better that game or have a playing style that gives them problems.

8. Besides Grifball, what other games/sports do you play?
I was an avid soccer player all the way through college. Other than that, does beer pong count? Because I’m a monster beer pong player.

9. In your opinion, do stats matter in Grifball?
No. That is an easy answer. I’ve played in too many games where one team went a collective positive 95, but the other team went negative 83 and still won the game. Oh, you went +32. Awesome, you still lost.

10. If you could offer words of advice to rookie players, what would they be?
There are legacy teams and players out there who want to teach new players the fine points of the game. Contact some people, send them game invites, put yourself out there. The more people you play against the better you’ll get.

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3 Responses to “Ten Questions with Cofrog”
  1. Wolf am I says:

    This video was crappy since I got punched for the goal

  2. […] Is there a player/team that has inspired your style of play? Penguinocalypse and Cofrog. Penguin and I, when we first started playing, would practice 1v1 running and sword battling […]

  3. Cofrog says:

    i’m sorry, you actually got punched twice. but bynumator got sworded in the back like a noob. lol. i <3 bynum