Ten Questions with A Baby Tortoise

For those that have yet to receive the memo, A Baby Tortoise is the grifballer formerly known as XC 400. I’ve lost count of how many times we’ve sat in a pre-game lobby and heard the words, “who is A Baby Tortoise?”. Well, now you know.

Having played with Tortoise for a year now as a teammate for two seasons and in pick-up and double XP games, I believe I can say first hand that he is perhaps one of the more underrated players in the league. If he’s not on the All-Star ballot, he should be. Tortoise is a menace on the court whether he’s pulling his scary host or not.

1. How long have you been involved with the sport of Grifball?
Since GBSL08. I met Pwnguinmessiah through a mutual friend back when we all used to play normal Halo matchmaking and was asked to join a Grifball team Donnieredboy was forming (later to be named Super Happy Sunshine).

2. What kind of player are you?
I like to consider myself a true hybrid. Depending on how my teammates are doing in each game, I’m capable of taking on any role they need me to – running, being a meat-shield, tanking (I’m not great at that one, but I certainly try), attacking, “goin’ in sexy”, all those fun things.

3. If you could change one thing about Grifball or its community, what would that be?
I just wish there was less drama and douchebagginess. I’m well aware that’s not a word but I think the principle stands.

4. Is there a player/team that has inspired your style of play?
Penguinocalypse and Cofrog. Penguin and I, when we first started playing, would practice 1v1 running and sword battling constantly; which finally taught me to not totally suck at running and defending. And Cofrog, being the death tank that he is, spent a lot of time the last year helping me with timing and range with the hammer. And to give Penguin some more praise, while I’m thinking about it, would always offer to launch over the opposing team rather than tank (whenever the opportunity arose) when we first started playing, and it made everything so lolzy I couldn’t help but add that mentality to my style of play.

5. Name one player who always gives you fits when you play against them. What makes them so difficult?
Bynumator. The guy has a great understanding of timing/range when it comes to his hammer, and even if I have host I have the hardest time managing to kill him.

6. Name one player you think is underrated by most. Why?
Samurai Jenn. Jenn is a solid tank, and while she doesn’t usually have the best K/D, she goes on small destructive rampages where she is just un-killable during league games; and every time it happens it results in a goal. She has the most unexpected clutch moments where no one sees an open shot at the pad, and in a matter of seconds the enemy team is trying desperately to respawn with nothing to look forward to but the flash of her hammer and getting hit in the face.

7. Name one player you think is overrated by most. Why?
Um…I can’t think of anyone I’ve played against who I feel gets more credit than they deserve.

8. Besides Grifball, what other games/sports do you play?
In high school I was nationally ranked in Track and Cross Country. Now that I’m married and have no such time for anything that intense and time consuming, I run for a few hours every morning. Wow, I’ve lead an athletically boring life. Fail.

9. In your opinion, do stats matter in Grifball?
What’s that stat that only goes to 9? Oh right goals, yeah that one matters. K/D? Hell no, people should watch CAG play and see that for themselves.

10. If you could offer words of advice to rookie players, what would they be?
Be willing to practice against players and teams that you feel are way better than you are. Honestly nothing teaches you more about what you need to work on than getting your ass handed to you over and over until you learn a better tactic/strategy.

If you are currently participating in one of the Rooster Teeth grifball leagues or have in the past and would like to take part in the Ten Questions feature, you’re more than welcome to. Simply send you answers to puptastrophe at:
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