Team Spotlight: Warthog Buddies
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Team Name: Warthog Buddies

Captain: LightlngEater

How many seasons has your team played (AGLA, GGL and IGL combined)?
This would be our first official season!

In the form of a poem, please describe the creation of your team.
The once was a man who ate lightning
who was so very a frightening
he had Grifball skills
and practiced his drills
and the GGL promised him kills!

That came a along Roya1Raven
Who also was very a craven’
to play some Grifball
with Magnum and all
so he let out a hardy good call:

Come Magnum come Ganja come Mosses and BBoy
Come all who play Grifball and seek to go destroy
We seek out a team under Light here’s strong fist
and to the finals we will hope to persist!

And so the team Warthog Buddies was made
Whose players would wield both hammer and blade
Even though players would get trapped at their spawn
this Grifball rookies will always play on!

What initially drew you to Grifball and what keeps you coming back?
As a rookie team, we loved the idea of testing our skills against other teams, especially since most of us have followed the sport of Grifball since RvB came up with it for customs games in Halo 3. We will definitely return next season, not only for the love of the sport, but the friendly relationship between teams and their love for the game as well.

50 years from now, what team memory will still be with you?
50 years? Well I guaranteeing you I won’t forget that Grifball brings people together. I have players from three different states working together to achieve victory and half I’ve never met face to face! Yeah, I don’t think I’ll ever forget this season, no matter how we do, cause chances are, we’ll be back.

If you were to compare your team to a superhero, who would you choose?
For sure we would represent Mr. Elastic from the Fantastic Four. Our team covers a lot of ground at once, preventing many attempts too score on us. Even when we are spread thin, we have that team ability to suddenly snap back together and save the game.

Warthog Buddies

Whatare your thoughts on Halo 4 Grifball?
It’s different. Personally, I like the court that 343 made on Erosion. It provides more room for passing and makes players think about new strategies then the ones used in 3 and Reach. I also favor the auto-pickup. It adds a complex new element to the game which makes mid-air interceptions that much easier.

What advice do you have for rookie players / teams?
Well as a rookie team, all I can say is practice may not be perfect, but it sure does help when you’re just starting out. Practice vital formations if you’re a textbook play kinda team or practice long distance precision passes if you’re a team that’s always morphing to keep the enemy team on their toes.

If you found a magical Grifball gene and it granted you one wish, what would you wish for?
Hm… I’d probably wish for the ability to have your team appear on the court as the characters from RvB. Playing as Sarge or Caboose would change the game when it comes to identifying who’s who on the court!

Does your team have any superstitions or pre-game rituals?
Yes. But they are top secret. Team members only.
(Hint: It involves Mantises)

Anything else?
I’m glad to see Grifball has not only survived, but flourished since Halo 3. Here’s to Grifball!

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