Team Spotlight: The Whitest Grifballers U’ Know
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Team Name: The Whitest Grifballers U’ Know

Captain: Dak

How many seasons has your team played (AGLA, GGL and IGL combined)?
This is our first.

In the form of a poem, please describe the creation of your team.
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
We’re the whitest players in the league
And we’re coming for you.

We’re swift as the night,
We tank like a boss
And before you know it
You’ll have already lost.

We came together on a warm spring day
But not together in that sort of way
We aim for first
So plan to finish last

Dak For The Win
Always running it in
Out running them all
Scoring the ball

Animate 110
His sword is mightier than the pen
If he’s on the attack; then
You’d better say your prayers; amen

Tanking like Thor
Leading a path to war
Leaving bodies all over the floor

Yay its Mike
With his unicorn spike
Ready to strike
All his foes alike

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
We’re the whitest players in the league
And we’re coming for you.

What initially drew you to Grifball and what keeps you coming back?
Since Grifball was mentioned in Red vs Blue and it’s creation in Halo 3 we
have enjoyed playing the game. It’s always been a way for us to hang
out, play some Halo and have a good time.

50 years from now, what team memory will still be with you?
I’d like to think most of this season will be a memory for us. We’ve had
some really good times playing Grifball together, a lot of laughs, and
over all a lot of fun. I don’t know if we could pick one specific

If I had to pick one I’d say it would be from one of our first games. We
had just prevented our opponents from scoring and Flecthy144 had the
ball when they started to corner him. He then cross court passed it to
me where I caught it, got by the last defender and scored.

If you were to compare your team to a superhero, who would you choose?
I don’t know if I could compare our team to just one superhero.

Dak- Captain America: he is loyal, a leader, and able to get the job done.

Fletchy144- Spiderman: he is carefree, shy and a joker but he’s able to sense danger.

Yay its Mike- Iron Man: though charismatic, outgoing and funny he is sometimes arrogant, but he won’t give up until he succeeds.

animate 110- Deadpool: he is wise cracking, surprisingly dark, and violent, but he’s always reliable.

Lil Ant3ACP- Flash: he’s funny, reliable, and has a lot of determination.

ViolatingNutria- Thor: he knows how to use a hammer.

Gandy615- Aquaman: I think we all know why… but it’s ok we still love him.

What are your thoughts on Halo 4 Grifball?
Halo 4 Grifball has been really fun so far. We are really glad it ‘s back in
Halo 4! Since Halo 3 Grifball has become a big part of Halo, I can’t
imagine Halo without Grifball anymore. We can’t wait for Grifball to be
back in matchmaking again!

What advice do you have for rookie players / teams?
Well we are a rookie team ourself, but playing Grifball throughout the years has taught us how important team work is. You need to rely on your teammates and friends if you want to succeed. Don’t go off by yourself and try to be a hero.

If you found a magical Grifball gene and it granted you one wish, what would you wish for?
If we found a Grifball gene and it only gave us one wish I think we’d wish for Grifball to be a Permanent playlist in Halo 4. Either that or we’d wish for Grifball to be available on Halo 3 again.

Does your team have any superstitions or pre-game rituals?
I think were going to have to keep that our little secret, but I can tell you we do practice a little before each game to get warmed up.

Anything else?
We are looking forward to the rest of this season and many more to come. We’ve also got a few spots left open on our roster so if anyone is still looking send us a message and we’ll see what we can do! ;)

“Great moments are born from great opportunity.”

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