Even Hand Egg!

Congrats to the winner’s of tonight’s GRUNT: #winning #swag #sheen! halfbreed105, NHALING2XHALE, HC SOlO, and Fanciest Pants beat Select Committee […]

The best part is when the Elites go "Blarg!!!"

GrifballHub.com will host three Grifball in Reach Neighborhood Tournaments (GRUNTs) this upcoming week to test out three gametype/map combinations that […]

Can we find the elusive HandEgg in matchmaking?

I feel like a jerk writing this again, but congratulations to the winners of tonight’s HandEgg GRUNT…my team! The Ways […]

Even Hand Egg!

After watching HandEgg on TV, head on over to the Grifball court for some real HandEgg! For the GRUNT tonight, […]