Taco’s Tips – Advanced Forging

Nuclear Taco 42 is an accomplished forger and has had his maps featured on Bungie’s favorites. Taco’s Tips is a how-to on forging. Episode one featured basic forging techniques. In episode two, Taco demonstrates advanced forging techniques such as save and quit, stacking, interlocking, and ghost merging.

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13 Responses to “Taco’s Tips – Advanced Forging”
  1. Goosechecka says:

    Itty bitty taco bits!

  2. RallyFox says:

    If Taco died then who finished the video??????

  3. Taco says:

    It definitely wasn’t me.

  4. Y0ur3AlrdyD3ad says:

    Ghost’s voice is pretty ridiculous…in a good way? Sounds like something out of adult swim. A name to keep in mind for humorous skits.

  5. lololol. I don’t think I have much patience for Forge anymore, but these videos sure make me want to at least try something.

  6. Taco says:

    I appreciate all the feedback. I’m also glad it’s all good as well.

    Glad I could help influence you to at least give it a try.
    Also, a general question…Did anyone notice anything strange about the intro? Just wondering.

  7. @Taco

    You mean the fact that “your square” wasn’t lining up with the rest of the map? I wasn’t sure what you did there but yes…it is blatant, lol

  8. Taco says:

    Yep. That’s what I’m talking about, lol. I was wondering if anyone saw that. I overlayed that video over top of the other one. Didn’t turn out like I thought it would, but it looks alright…to me anyways.

  9. goosechecka says:

    Yeah, I noticed but didn’t think it was that big of a deal. :)

  10. Kalbelgarion says:

    What? You mean that’s not some kind of super-secret, advanced Forge technique?

  11. Taco says:

    No, sorry Kal it’s not a secret forging technique. I do know another trick to do something I like to call, “magical punch” though. Remind me to show you some time.

  12. fyntix says:

    Woooo taco, nice work dude.

  13. Taco says:

    Thanks Fyntix!!!!!