Congrats to the Winners of Tonight’s Pre-Season Brawl!

Congrats to the winners of tonight’s Brawl, Shut Your Lips and Learn! After a three-way tie in their group, they made it into the semi-finals by the smallest of margins. They went on to defeat the Red Pandas and GentINC (also by slim 3-2 margins) and take the championship. Nice job!

Everyone who participated in tonight’s tournament will be entered into our random drawing for prizes later this month. For more Grifball action, be sure to check out our other events this week. And don’t forget to sign up for the GGL!


Start your hammers! It’s time for tonight’s GrifballHub Brawl!

Jackals with Freakin Laser Beams (WhiskeyFourNine)
Church’s Squad (Perfect Demise)
Paradox Warriors I (PoisonxPoptart)
GentINC (Mr Crobar)

Team Washed Up (H2O Camper)
Green Army (The Texorcist)
Red Pandas (Shadow S16)
Death By Snu Snu (Hootenanny)
Sausage Assassins (Kshesho)

Impaired Judgement (Five try HARD)
Cyber Smashers (POD Dust Storm)
Andrew (A Goodbar)
Paradox Warriors II (Phear Seamus)

Hybrid Theory (iSnipeUd0wn)
Way to Pro Run (Priest XYZ)
Shut Your Lips and Learn (Major Siiva)
A Righteous Kill (NetsPride15)

Report your wins here.

Teams are to play everyone in their group once, and then the top team from each group will advance to the single-elimination finals. We’ll then have our champions!

Tonight’s map and gametype The map for tonight is What the Grif. You can download it here. Teams can play on another standard Grifball court if both captains involved in the match approve.

The gametype for tonight is 7-15 Brawl. This is a draft gametype for the GGL SML2013 season. You can download it here, or off the fileshare of Kalbelgarion. It is five untimed rounds of Grifball, with auto-pickup turned off and unlimited sprint (Mobility) enabled. Other than Mobility, the gametype is identical to the default SL2013 GGL settings.

Also remember: Every player who participates in tonight’s tournament will be entered in a drawing for RTX swag!

Let us know if you have any questions. See you on the court!

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