Congrats to the Winners of Tonight’s NBA Brawl!

Congratulations to the winners of tonight’s Brawl, A Righteous Kill! They went undefeated, beating everyone in their bracket, and went on to defeat The Black List in the finals. Nice job!

We hope everyone enjoyed this twist on the classic Grifball formula. Let us know what you thought in the NBA Brawl thread.

Thanks for playing!


One round. Twelve minutes. Unlimited points!

Green Army (Rallyfox)
A Righteous Kill (KID TONGA 1)
The Bataan Death March (PoisonxPoptart)
The Ways and Means Committee (Kalbelgarion)

i dont care (four to oh)
Dad’s First Time (Thunder4400)
The Black List (BossTycoon x)

Report your wins here.

Teams are to play every team in their group once. The winning team of each match is to report the results here.

If a match is a tie, the teams should report it and write TIE next to each team’s name — it does not matter who is listed as the winner or the loser of the match.

The top team from each group will advance to the single-elimination finals. Then we will have our NBA Brawl champions!

Please note: A mercy rule will be in effect for the tournament. Teams that are behind in a match are more than welcome to take a knee (crouch) and signal their desire to end the game at any point. After crouching and pausing the game, the game can then be ended. This is a perfectly fine course of action for this tournament and teams that are behind are encouraged to take this route if they want the game to end.

Today’s Map and Gametype Today’s map will be the GGL default court, Thin Ice. It is available for download on the fileshare of Kalbelgarion and runNOKYARDrun. Be sure to grab Thin Ice, and not Thin Ice NH-L. Teams are free to use another standard Grifball court, as long as both captains agree.

To download the gametype, look at the Fileshare of Kalbelgarion. The gametype is listed as ‘2-26 GrifballHub Brawl‘. This video walks you through the process.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions. See you on the court!

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