Congrats to the Winner of Tonight’s Kickoff Brawl!

Congratulations to the Sausage Assassins for winning tonight’s Brawl! They smashed their way through five games in the round-robin, giving up only three goals. They then defeated Jackals with Freakin Laser Beams in the final round to take the championship! Nice job!

We hope tonight’s Brawl got everyone ready for the start of the season. Games start on Monday!

See you on the court!


Are you ready for some Grifball?

Beware the Cupcake Dog (DeadDragon13)
Jackals with Freakin Laser Beams (WhiskeyFourNine)
Sarge’s Squad (NecessaryEvil10)
Ali Bomaye (Packfan010)
Bumble Bee Bawlers (Phear Seamus)
The Sausage Assassins (Kshesho)

Report your wins here.

Due to an issue with our normal reporting form, please report your games here.

You must have at least four players on your team to register. Signups for this event will be op
en for only 30 minutes.

Teams are to play everyone in their group once, and then the top two teams from the group will advance to the single-elimination finals. We’ll then have our champions! The entire tournament is expected to last 2-3 hours.

Tonight’s map and gametype

The map for tonight is Thin Ice. You can download it here, or off the fileshares of runNOKYARDrun or Kalbelgarion. Be sure to play on Thin Ice, and NOT Thin Ice-NHL. Team can play on another standard Grifball court, if both captains approve.

The gametype for tonight is GGL SL2013 Grifball. This gametype is the new default settings for this GGL season. You can download it here, or off the fileshare of Kalbelgarion. It is five untimed rounds of Grifball, with auto-pickup turned off.

If you are looking for a player or a team, post in the Kick-Off Brawl thread and someone might join your squad or pick you up.

Let us know if you have any questions. See you on the court!

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3 Responses to “Congrats to the Winner of Tonight’s Kickoff Brawl!”
  1. Kshesho says:

    Hey I signed up my team. Wondering why we’re not listed? We were The Sausage Assassins

  2. goosechecka says:

    There was a malfunction in the signup script and some team names got dropped. Thank you for letting us know! Kal is adding your team to the bracket ASAP.

  3. Kshesho says: