Congrats to the Winners of Tonight’s Dash Brawl!
Wait, what's in your carry-on?!

Tonight we went back to Halo: Reach to celebrate Grifball’s fifth birthday. A who’s who of Grifball Dash teams showed up, and in the end Four Guys One Ball emerged victorious once again, defeating The Fatal Four in the finals 7-2!

A big thanks to the teams that played in tonight’s tournament. Each player will be entered into our drawing for birthday prizes! Be sure to join us on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday for more Grifball action in Halo 3 and Halo 4!


It’s time for some Grifball Dash!

Team Name (Captain)

GROUP A (Matches):
the husky ballrunners (husky0rphan)
Four Guys One Ball (Crusader0102)
Kittens With Spikes (TheOnlyWay)

GROUP B (Matches):
Everybody loves Taylor (a man canon)
Put it on the Pad (LovableLambchop)
The Fatal Four (ii got3nks ii)

Four Guys One Ball (Crusader0102)
The Fatal Four (ii got3nks ii)

Report your wins here.

Teams have been separated into groups, and teams are to play every team in their group once. The top team from each group will advance to the single-elimination finals.

Tonight we’ll be playing Grifball Dash, the fastest Grifball gametype from Halo: Reach. Dash is Grifball with two major additions: Sprint and Evade! Players can choose either Armor Ability, and the ball carrier can Sprint with the ball and even roll with it, if they are talented enough.

This tournament will be played in Halo: Reach. It is expected to last at least two hours.

To play tonight, you’ll need a Grifball Dash gametype, like GGL Dash SML12, and the map Sierra Vista. The gametype will be five untimed rounds of Grifball Dash.

Finally: We have prizes! Every player who participates tonight will be entered into a drawing for Grifball prizes, including a Rooster Teeth Grifball plushie!

See you on the court!

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