Congrats to the Winners of Tonight’s Brawl!

Congratulations to the winners of tonight’s Brawl, Ask to Answer! They eked out enough points in their group to advance to the finals, where they defeated PEN FIFTEEN and Green Army to take the championship. Nice job!

Since we tried out new settings tonight, we’d like to hear your thoughts! Please leave a comment in this thread with your reactions to tonight’s gametype.

See you next time!


Ready for an even more dangerous game of Grifball?

Tonight we’ll hosting a Brawl featuring a new version of Grifball without player shields!

Here are the groups for tonight:

Team (Captain)

Green Army (ihoncho316)
Wingmen (The Platapus)
Green Army Jr. (Nuclear Taco 42)
Kelloggs Roosters (C2fast4u1157)
Silent Civilians (DHG Shiro Zetsu)

Sarge’s Squad (Recon117zwa)
Hard Liquor Chasers (Hero0fcant0n)
QWERTY (ElectroMite)
Running Backward (Crusader0102)
Ask to Answer (ixgingy)

Sector C1 (pi mp indacrib)
Noobs 4 Life (DusterBuster2k)
The Western Bengals (Bulkyorange327)
Go Home Kittens You Are Drunk (Black Beard 17)
ActiveHate loves the PEN FIFTEEN (SlimJimX50)

You are to play every other team in your assigned group once. Captains are to enter the custom game lobby and invite their opponents for each match. Once the game has been played, the winning captain is to report the results here, using this form. We will then update the bracket, and teams can move on to their next match.

Once you have played everyone in your group once, the top team from each group will advance to the single-elimination round. We will then have our champs! The entire event is expected to take two to three hours.

Tonight’s Gametype and Map

Tonight we’ll be trying a tweaked version of our league gametype that may be used for matchmaking. The gametype is identical to the league gametype with two differences: player damage resistance is lowered to 10%, and player shields are turned off. Hope the lack of player shields doesn’t leave you too exposed!

To download the gametype and map, look at the Fileshare of Kalbelgarion. The gametype is listed as ’12-8 GrifballHub Brawl’. The map is called Thin Ice. The video below walks you through the process.

These settings may be used in an upcoming Grifball matchmaking playlist. After you play, please give us your feedback in this thread.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions. You can contact me on XBL at Kalbelgarion or via e-mail at See you on the court!

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