Congrats to the Winners of Today’s Final Brawl!

Congratulations to the winners of today’s Brawl, Rainbow Pegacorns of Sexiness! NecessaryEvil’s team rode the Pegacorn Power all the way through the tournament, beating all opponents and defeating Messiah Muffin’s Cherry Bakewells in the finals. Nice job!

We hop everyone got some great practice in this week’s events. The GGL season starts on Monday!


The start of the season is in sight! But now it’s time for today’s GrifballHub Brawl!

Report your wins here.

OvaCake (OK I DECC0)
Cherry Bakewells (Messiah Muffin)
The Grif Crowd (A Hybrid Hammer)
Rainbows & Unicorns (INick In HDI)

NSAA (Craigasaur83)
Rainbow Pegacorns of Sexiness (NecessaryEvil10)
One-Hit Wonders (Crusader0102)
Bomb Squad (four to oh)
Impaired Judgement (Five try HARD)

What is a Brawl? It’s a one-night tournament that’s as bloody and quick as the name implies. It’s a round-robin tournament, so everyone will be guaranteed at least two games of Grifball.

Teams are to play everyone in their group once, and then the top team from each group will advance to the single-elimination finals. Games for each team on the round-robin bracket should be followed in the order presented, and it does not matter which captain invites whom to the pre-game lobby. The only requirement for captains is that they need to have four players ready to go for the duration of the tournament, and they need to have the gametype and map ready for the event. The team with the best record from each group will advance to the single-elimination finals. We will then have our champion!

The entire tournament is expected to last two to three hours.

Tonight’s map and gametype

The map for tonight is Grassy Green Lane (Overcast). You can download it here. This is the proposed default map for the upcoming GGL season. Teams can play on another standard Grifball court if both captains involved in the match approve.

The gametype for tonight is 7-20 Brawl. This is a draft gametype for the GGL SML2013 season. You can download it here, or off the fileshare of Kalbelgarion. It is five untimed rounds of Grifball, with auto-pickup turned off and unlimited sprint (Mobility) enabled. Other than Mobility, the gametype is identical to the default SL2013 GGL settings.

Also remember: Every player who participates in tonight’s tournament will be entered in a drawing for RTX swag!

Let us know if you have any questions. See you on the court!

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