Congrats to the Winners of the Fourth Halo 4 Brawl!

Congratulations to the winners of tonight’s Brawl, Turquoise Jeep! They made it two-in-a-row as they went undefeated yet again to take another championship, defeating Jedi Hunter’s Chloroform and Pizza in the finals by a score of 3-2 in an epic 40 minute match. Nice job!

We will be holding more events soon. In the meantime, please feel free to share your thoughts on the gametype we used tonight on our forums. Also get your team ready for the our first Halo 4 Grifball league — signups open this Friday!

It’s our last one-night tournament of launch week!

Here are the groups for tonight:


Team name (Captain):

On The Fence (four to oh)
Green Army (Rallyfox)
#YOLOSWAG (smashbro35)

Chloroform and Pizza (Jedi Hunter)
Wingmen (The Platapus)
The Dreamcrushers (DoG OmegaTitan)
Scrub Fusion (ChucklesMcFudd)

Disciples of Grif (MyrHerder)
The ROFL Knights (Mikee0085)
TigerSharks (Il Mako lI)
CoD Sucks (thaFormat)

Turquoise Jeep (Ezy08)
Viking Warriors (Cosmicboombox)
Love Sosa (BossTycoon x)

You are to play every team in your assigned group once. Captains are to enter the custom game lobby and invite their opponents for each match. Once the game has been played, the winning captain is to report the results here, in the Brawl thread, or send Kalbelgarion a message on XBL. We will then update the bracket, and teams can move on to their next match. Once you have played everyone in your group once, the top team from each group will advance to the single-elimination round. We will then have our champs! The entire event is expected to take two to three hours.

The map and gametype

The gametype we will use today will be a tweaked version of the default gametype on the disc and the Brawl gametype we have been using. Shields have been turned off for the non-Grif players, but damage resistance has been boosted to compensate. This gametype should give sword-users a better shot at killing hammer-users with the correct timing. Auto-catch is also turned off for the gametype. So mash the X button (or your equivalent) to pick up that ball!

The map we will use today is a creation by runNOKYARDrun called ‘Thin Ice’. It is a map created on the Impact forge environment and is a bit smaller than the default Grifball map that shipped with the disc. This is the same map we used in last night’s Brawl.

To download the gametype and map, look at the Fileshare of Kalbelgarion. The gametype is listed as ’11-13 GrifballHub Brawl’. The map is called Thin Ice. The video below walks you through the process.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions. You can contact me on XBL at Kalbelgarion or via e-mail at See you on the court!

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