Signups for the AGLA Summer 2014 League Are Now Open

Hello Grifballers! It is the AGLA Administration’s pleasure to announce that signups for the AGLA SML 14 are now open!

Signups are open now and will last until next Monday, May 19th, at 11:59 Eastern. During this time, returning pro captains can also offer contract extensions to their players on this page.

Registered players will be entered in a bidding pool from which captains (selected by the administration and released earlier this week) may bid to form their teams. During registration, various questions such as preferred/unwanted teammates and availability will be asked to better help captains create their teams during bidding.

This season, there are three options for you if you plan on signing up for the AGLA. If you played last season and your captain offers you a contract extension, you are automatically entered into the bid pool at the value you went for last season. If your captain offers you a contract extension, you will be notified by email. If you want to accept the contract, you do not need to do anything; however, should you decline, you will be taken out of the bid pool and will have to sign up using the form.

Click here to register for the AGLA SML14 Season!

There are two forms on the registration page. The top form is for returning AGLA players and players that have a player profile on GrifballHub. The bottom form is for players that did not play in the AGLA last season and do not have a GrifballHub player profile. If you played in the AGLA last season and you are signed in to your GrifballHub player profile, some information will already be filled in for you when you sign up.

As we previously announced, provided enough people sign up, the AGLA will have an Amateur League again this season. When you sign up, there will be an option to select whether you want to be entered into the Amateur League draft should you not be drafted during Pro bidding. Amateur bidding will take place the week after Pro bidding during the first week of the Pro season.

If you have any questions about registration, feel free to contact any of your local, friendly admins and commissioner!

SML14 Admins

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