Roster Reduction: Looking Back

The Spring League 2010 brought on the new radical change of lowering roster maximum from eight to six. Although this was not the first time roster limits had changed, the standard eight had been in place over a longer period of time than others.

The initial reason for change was to promote more teams in the league. It gives a fairer sense of balance with power between teams limiting the size of “Super Teams” The change so far has seemed like a good move. A lot more teams have picked up newer players and the Amateur league as a whole has splashes of newer players on each team which helps with population retention.

With a lot of teams finding it hard to field a full team, it seems people are having a hard time adjusting to the limitations. However, Administration of the League has approved, in a few cases, an extended roster to “prevent” forfeit factories from occurring. This is a blessing and a curse as it does allow teams to play their games, but it has caused grief from other teams losing to these extended rosters. (See Amateur Thread for example) I am sure Admins expected this as a few have defended this, saying they would rather not have FFs. I can see both sides of this argument evenly, but I have to side with the admins on this. I would rather keep teams around then to lose people from the league. I am confident enough that if my team is better they will win.

We will see if this helps increase in League size. If I recall correctly, Summer League is generally bigger than other leagues due to lack of school and such. The upcoming season is Summer so time shall tell.

Feel free to leave your input in the comment below. I am sure the league and admins would like to know what you think about the roster size change.

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6 Responses to “Roster Reduction: Looking Back”
  1. Kalbelgarion says:

    >>I am sure the league and admins would like to know what you think about the roster size change.


    I think the biggest issue that’s arisen is that some teams are allowed to go over the cap, while others have received forfeit loses for doing so. The difference is, of course, that some teams have talked to the admins about going over, while others who ran into difficulties pressed ahead without clearing it with those in charge. I think that as long as it’s made clear to *everyone* that exceptions can be granted if a team runs into trouble (and contacts an admin before they play their 7th player), then there isn’t a problem with the rules being “broken” if it helps keep people in the league.

  2. Taco says:


    +1 Ditto
    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  3. alphaturtle says:

    i feel like i am a slight cause of this article being written…

  4. totally batty says:

    I agree with many of these points. The issue I addressed was that the admins & team captains involved did a poor job of communicating with other teams in those divisions when exceptions were made. I also think some of the exceptions put a lot of strain on the trust that many leaguers have with the admins because they were misconstrued.

    I also think that the limitations placed on Pro League will hurt retention in Ammy. nearly every team in playoffs this season will have players experienced enough to play in the Pros (with many having multiple players of this caliber).
    I don’t expect to see any newcomers climb the ladder like Hot Bikini Guyz did in WL10… and I don’t think anyone else really does either. We might as well through a “bon voyage” party for all of the rookies now, because many of them will leave in the next few weeks anyway.
    If we’re going to beat up on the newcomers, why not eliminate the pro league altogether?

    I don’t think the limitations on Pro League should have been put in place because it negates a lot of the progress that those changes could make in the Ammy… just my thoughts.

  5. totally batty says:

    Typo: I meant “We might as well THROW”.
    Fix’d :)

  6. Tex says:

    I’m not picking sides, but the difference I see in between the forfeits and the allowances is communication from the team’s captain to a figure of authority, and just playing extra players. I think the main issue with that particular subject is lack of communication to other teams in that division. I do agree that captains at least should be made aware of these allowances. However, I am aware this is Grifball, not our life. Sometimes, things get overlooked. Admins dont get paid, yeah they are in a position of power, however, they are human. We all don’t do everything we should.