Road to the Finals: Four Guys One Ball vs Easy as Pie

This season of the Good Games League shattered records. Our first season in Halo 4 was the largest Grifball league in history, with over 400 teams registering and almost 100 teams making it to the playoffs!

But after three months of play, we are down to our final two teams. They’re not rookies, and they are both former champions. Both teams have had a long journey to the finals this season. And seeing these two teams face off in our final best-of-three series promises to be as epic a finale as this season deserves!

The final series is scheduled for 9:45 PM EST on Thursday, March 7. It will be broadcast live on our primary streaming channel. But before we get to the game, let’s look back on how each team got to the finals.

Four Guys One Ball

Four Guys One Ball however we’ve had experience with, playing them in the SL12 championship and during the SML12 regular season a couple times. – Major Silva

Four Guys One Ball entered the post-season as the (slight) favorites to capture the first Halo 4 championship. But how did they get to this point?

The team has been around for ten seasons already, with their main successes coming in the past two years with the same solid starting four: Crusader0102, TrueFlyingCow, L1ght5aber, and Jedi Hunter. Those four have been able to combine great fundamentals and smooth teamwork to become arguably the best team in Grifball.

Four Guys One Ball made their debut in Halo: Reach, where their favorite gametype was Grifball Dash. They combined strong tanking with great timing with the barrel roll to find themselves in three Dash championship games and even a Vanilla championship match. Of those, they won the final Reach Dash championship in the summer of 2012, setting up their future victories in Halo 4.

Four Guys One Ball Championship Post - Click to Enlarge

The Four Guys One Ball SML2012 Championship Poster

They fearlessly signed up to play in the Veterans’ Division this season, which pitted them against some of the most experienced teams in Grifball. Of the Veterans’ Division teams, four of them made it all the way to the Elite Eight. These teams were not only power-houses going into the season, but they were made even better by playing against other great teams all season long.

In the regular season, Four Guys One Ball quickly made a name for themselves by beating Easy as Pie twice on December 6, followed by beating the undefeated Hot Bikini Guyz on December 7. They quickly rose to become the only undefeated team in the division.

They went on to sweep Aces, Green Army, and the Hot Bikini Guyz in the regular season. They didn’t falter until December 20, the fourth week of the season, when they split a doubleheader against none other than Easy as Pie.

Four Guys One Ball finished the regular season with a 19-1 record, having played the toughest opponents over a regular season with twice as many games.

In the post-season, they have had many impressive victories, including against Blazing Inferno, Qwib-Qwibs Ambition, and Yoshigasms Geordie Homeboys, none of whom are new to the game of Grifball. In the Elite Eight, they defeated Turquoise Jeep, a previously undefeated team, and they gave the legendary Red Ray their first losses in Halo 4 in the Final Four. Through it all, Easy as Pie has remained the only US team to give Four Guys One Ball a loss all season long.

With such an impressive record of solid victories against quality opponents, it’s no wonder that many consider Four Guys One Ball to be the favorites to capture their second GGL championship in a row, and to become our very first Halo 4 champs.

Easy as Pie

I look at Easy as Pie as that one rival you (almost) always have great games with where it always gets close. – L1ght5aber

When you think “veterans of Grifball”, you should think of the roster of Easy as Pie. The folks on this team have forgotten more about Grifball than most players will ever learn. All combined, the players on the team have an amazing 27 Grifball championships. They won the final two seasons of the AGLA in Halo: Reach, and Major Silva has participated in every AGLA championship game since Fall 2009, which was in the days of Halo 3.

Like Four Guys One Ball, Easy as Pie was eager to sign up for the Veterans’ Division and took the competition head-on. Going into the season, their history was enough to earn them the top spot in many player’s predictions. The team was, after all, undefeated against all of their divisional opponents in both Halo 3 and Reach. They were the early favorites to win both the division and the championship.

They surprised many, however, by stumbling early. The Hot Bikini Guyz, a team with one Dash championship under their belts, convincingly defeated Easy as Pie in the season-opener. In the double-header featured on Wednesday Night Grifbrawl, the Hot Bikini Guyz placed an early claim on the title of top Halo 4 team and knocked Easy as Pie down a peg. Easy as Pie expected to make it to the playoffs with little to no practice, but they instead spent the regular season climbing back into contention to save their season.

Although they swept Green Army and Aces, Easy as Pie needed to steal some games against Four Guys One Ball and the Hot Bikini Guyz to have a guaranteed spot in the post-season. They fought back to defeat the Hot Bikini Guyz once in Week Three, and were able to split the rematch series against Four Guys One Ball in Week Four. One player on Easy as Pie (let’s call him iChet) identifies the turning point for the team to be the day they added the player iScet to their roster, part-way through the season.

Easy as Pie has improved noticeably as the season has progressed. They went from a team using old-fashioned tactics of pounding the ball in with solid tanking to a more rounded team that can also utilize the pass and the launch when the occasion calls for it. Thanks to their improvement, they made the playoffs with a 14-6 record.

Easy as Pie had an unusually international road the playoffs, facing off against Johnson’s Salty Grifballs and Team Impact, both European Grifball teams. But despite the long distance, they swept both series. In fact, their first post-season loss didn’t come until the Elite Eight, when they faced off against their old rivals, the Hot Bikini Guyz.

The Elite Eight series was contentious, and was one of the few playoff series to go to a third game. In the end, however, Easy as Pie won and moved on to face the undefeated Black List in the Final Four.

The Black List were also no strangers to late-round post-season games. They had won both Vanilla and Dash championships in Reach, and had their eyes set on the first Halo 4 championship, too. But in the middle of the night, Easy as Pie pulled out two razor-thin victories, won the series 2-0, and advanced to face Four Guys One Ball in the finals.

Make your predictions! Now that you know their stories, it’s time to pick: Who will win the first GGL championship in Halo 4? Who will stand atop the largest Grifball league in history?

Click here to make your predictions.

Be sure to tune in on Thursday, March 7 at 9:45PM EST for the championship series!


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