Pup and Friends – May 2009

Hello kids, and welcome to the third installment of Pup and Friends, my monthly video highlight reel of grifball double XP shenanigans. This past weekend was a lot of fun, as usual. Though I didn’t hit the 5,000 mark, I did manage to eclipse 4,600 grifball XP. Crazy, no? Sadly my social stats on Bungie.net haven’t updated in months, so I have no idea just how many hammer kills I have at this point. It has to be near 40,000…perhaps more.

Anywho, thanks to everyone who submitted clips this month. Unfortunately there were a few which I received late that ended up on the cutting room floor. I did capture them, however, and it’s certainly a very good chance that they will be used in next month’s edition of Pup and Friends.

Enough, chit chat. Let’s go watch some highlights, shall we?

Edit: I’ve updated the video with a newer color filtered version. Decided to try something a little different.

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15 Responses to “Pup and Friends – May 2009”
  1. calinorte650 says:

    yay france and gollum get on grifballhub.com! happy face :D i was in the video too, but all u see is that someone beat me down. sad cryface :_ (

  2. Green Team Tex says:

    Great job on the video. really liked the music. Too bad I did not play and DBL EXP to submit any highlights this time.

  3. RonGermany says:

    Dod gammit. I didn’t know you did one of these..I had some pretty sweet ones.

    Nice job though Pup, and I have to say I’m biased towards France’s and Gollum’s clips :P

  4. puptastrophe says:

    @Tex: Yes, it is a shame that you didn’t get to play this weekend ;)

    @Ron: I loved their clips, especially France’s. Any highlight which includes that CITI guy getting pwned is cool in my book ;P

  5. x C0RIANTUMR x says:

    Hooray!! I made it in!

    Great job on the editing btw. Sony Vegas is the shiz, but I’m just too nooby to figure out how to do anything cool with it.

  6. Rockys says:

    Just something I noticed was that a lot of the clips were vs players from the league.

  7. Wolf am I says:

    Rofl I made 2 clips. Nice pass Pup.

  8. Supergollum says:

    Next time ill have to submit my killionaire with the bomb. Love how my clip is last….

  9. puptastrophe says:

    @Rocky: Indeed. Imagine that, the true skill system actually matched people up correctly ;P

  10. Otakusamurai2 says:

    OMG that was a perty one. I has sticky stuff on my leg.:)

  11. Papa Cap says:

    This is the best Pup and Friends yet.
    Good Job

  12. Kintar027 says:

    Nice job Guys!

  13. Seanzie253 says:

    our blind Shotgun was AWESOME!!!!!

    :) :) :) :) :D :D :D :D

  14. HomicideKiller says:

    great video guys!

  15. SC1 Overkill says:

    Sensei has a differnet gamertag in every vid haha