Live Grifball Tonight: Easy as Pie vs Qwib Qwib’s Ambition

Week two of our Spring 2013 season continues tonight as the champs Easy as Pie take to the court to face division rival Qwib Qwib’s Ambition! Be sure to tune in tonight at 9:00PM EDT to the AGLAGrifball channel, where SonicChaos will be streaming tonight’s matches.

Easy as Pie is a legendary team, led by Major SiIva. They came back from early difficulties last season to win the championship in the what may have been the closest and greatest championship series in Grifball history. Now they are looking to start this season off right and continue their winning ways.

Qwib Qwib’s Ambition, captained by Packfan010, has been around since WL2011 and have always been playoff threats. Their roster includes paul dolby, galaticjedi2, Febbz, Hellraiser D, and long-time Grifballers JOEPRO v2, totally batty, and four to oh.

You can see the complete schedule of upcoming streamed games here.

The double-header will kick off tonight at 9:00PM EDT. You can watch the action on SonicChaos’s streaming channel here. See you there!

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