Join Us Tonight for our Spring League Kickoff Brawl!

The Spring 2013 season of our Grifball league is kicking off next week! To get ready for the season, join us for a one-night tournament tonight!

What is a Brawl? It’s a one-night tournament that’s as bloody and quick as the name implies. You simply sign up your team, follow the bracket, and play some great friendly Grifball games against other teams. It’s a round-robin tournament, so everyone will be guaranteed at least two games of Grifball.

Signups for our Kick-Off Brawl will open at 9:00PM EDT. At that time the registration form will be posted on the front page of GrifballHub and in the Kick-Off Brawl thread. You must have four players on your team to register.

Teams may sign up using the same name and teammates as their GGL team, but it is not a requirement. This tournament does not have a direct impact on anything in the upcoming season.

Once signups close at 9:30PM EDT, we will post the round-robin bracket. Teams are to play everyone in their group once, and then the top team from each group will advance to the single-elimination finals. We’ll then have our champions!

Tonight’s map and gametype

The map for tonight is Thin Ice. You can download it here, or off the fileshares of runNOKYARDrun or Kalbelgarion. Be sure to play on Thin Ice, and NOT Thin Ice-NHL. Team can play on another standard Grifball court, if both captains approve.

The gametype for tonight is GGL SL2013 Grifball. This gametype is the new default settings for this GGL season. You can download it here, or off the fileshare of Kalbelgarion. It is five untimed rounds of Grifball, with auto-pickup turned off.

This video walks you through the process of downloading files while in Halo 4.

If you are looking for a player or a team, post in the Kick-Off Brawl thread and someone might join your squad or pick you up.

Let us know if you have any questions. See you on the court!

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