Join Us Tonight for Our Next One-Night Tournament!

Join us tonight for our next Grifball Brawl!!

What is a Brawl? It’s a one-night tournament that is as fast and violent as the name implies. Teams will sign up starting at 9:00PM EST. At 9:30PM, signups will close and the bracket for the tournament will be released. Teams will then load up Halo 4, join a Custom Game with their opponent, and face off in 4 vs 4 Grifball matches.

PLEASE NOTE: Teams do not have to sign up with or as their Grifball league team. While you may play with your league teammates, you can play with whomever you like. This tournament is entirely separate from our Grifball league.

The tournament will be round-robin style, meaning that every team will be guaranteed multiple games. Teams will be put into groups of 3 to 5 and every team will play ever other team in their group once. The top squad from each group will then advance to the single-elimination finals.

Tonight’s Gametype and Map

Tonight we’ll be trying a tweaked version of our league gametype that may be used for matchmaking. The gametype is identical to the league gametype with two differences: player damage resistance is lowered to 10%, and player shields are turned off. Hope the lack of player shields doesn’t leave you too exposed!

To download the gametype and map, look at the Fileshare of Kalbelgarion. The gametype is listed as ’12-8 GrifballHub Brawl’. The map is called Thin Ice. The video below walks you through the process.

These settings may be used in an upcoming Grifball matchmaking playlist. After you play, please give us your feedback in this thread.

If you’re looking for a team for today’s tournament, post your Gamertag in this thread and someone might pick you up for their squad.

Be sure to visit the Hub at 9:00PM EST to sign up, and then be on Halo 4 with your team by 9:30PM to play your games. The entire event is expected to last two to three hours.

See you on the court!

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