Join Us Tonight for our Fourth Halo 4 Tournament!

Tonight we’ll be experimenting with the Grifball gametype and trying something new!

At 10:00PM EST we will be hosting our fourth and final Brawl of launch week. Teams can sign up starting at 10:00PM EST. At 10:30PM, signups will close and the bracket for the tournament will be released.

The tournament will be round-robin style, meaning that every team will be guaranteed multiple games. Teams will be put into groups of 3 to 5 and every team will play ever other team in their group once. The top squad from each group will then advance to the single-elimination finals.

Today’s Gametype and Map

The gametype we will use today will be a tweaked version of the default gametype on the disc and the Brawl gametype we have been using. Shields have been turned off for the non-Grif players, but damage resistance has been boosted to compensate. This gametype should give sword-users a better shot at killing hammer-users with the correct timing. Auto-catch is also turned off for the gametype. So mash the X button (or your equivalent) to pick up that ball!

The map we will use today is a creation by runNOKYARDrun called ‘Thin Ice’. It is a map created on the Impact forge environment and is a bit smaller than the default Grifball map that shipped with the disc. This is the same map we used in last night’s Brawl.

To download the gametype and map, look at the Fileshare of Kalbelgarion. The gametype is listed as ’11-13 GrifballHub Brawl’. The map is called Thin Ice. The video below walks you through the process.

If you’re looking for a team for today’s tournament, post your Gamertag in this thread and someone might pick you up for their squad.

Be sure to visit the Hub at 10:00PM EST to sign up, and then be on Halo 4 with your team by 10:30PM to play your games. The entire event is expected to last two to three hours.

See you on the court!

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