Join us Tonight for Halo – With Guns!
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A celebration of Halo Reach wouldn’t be complete without at least acknowledging that some people like to enjoy their FPS outside of a boxed court and with more than two weapons. So tonight we’re going to be venturing outside of the court for some non-Grifball matchmaking!

Starting at 7:00PM Eastern, GrifballHub staff will be hosting lobbies for interested players. We’ll be playing whatever the party wants — Big Team Battle, Team Slayer, Free-For-All, and maybe even some custom games.

To join the fun, simply post in this thread, saying that you’d like an invite. Be sure to include your Gamertag, if it’s not the same as your forum name. We’ll be sending our invitations at 7:00PM and 8:00PM Eastern, and perhaps later, too, if folks would like to continue.

At 9:00, Goose, Kal, Tex, and Taco will migrate over to the tinychat room to record tonight’s Grifball Hubcast with a special guest: GrimBrotherOne from the Halo news site All Grifball fans are welcome to join us!

Don’t forget: Folks that participate in Hub events this week will be entered into drawings for special prizes! We have avatar codes to give away as well as an autographed Rooster Teeth Grifball shirt.

See you on the court battlefield!

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3 Responses to “Join us Tonight for Halo – With Guns!”
  1. aVeryEasyTarget says:

    7PM EST… 4PM PST… I should be able to make it. If I am on, send me an invite. Just gotta finish up school for today. :)

  2. Proacejoker says:

    What are guns?

  3. Crusader0102 says:

    Grifball Made Easy – How to use a DeeEmArr.