Join Us in Celebrating Grifball’s Fourth Birthday!

Four years ago last December, Burnie Burns first created Grifball in Halo 3. Four years later, the gametype still has legions of fans, and the Grifball community is still going strong!

To celebrate, we are holding a number of Grifaversary events over the next two weeks. What’s more, participants in these events can win prizes!


Join us on Wednesday, January 4th at 10:00PM Eastern as we put down our hammers and pick up our DMRs. We’ll be playing CTF, Assault, and Slayer in a variety of playlists for two hours. If you would like an invitation, simply post your gamertag in this thread.

On Sunday, January 8th at 9:00PM Eastern, we’ll be jumping into the Grifball hopper for two hours of matchmaking fun. Vanilla Grifball, Grifball Dash, and even Blargball will be the name of the game as we plant bombs and rack up credits. To get an invite, simply post your gamertag in this thread. Maybe we’ll even make some highlights for the next Highlight Frenzy?

Get your Grifball team together for a Vanilla GRUNT on Monday, January 9th. Signups will open at 9:00PM Eastern. We’ll be playing on The Vault, a new Vanilla map created by Crusader 0102. For more information, check out this thread on the forums.

On Wednesday, January 11th, we’ll be gathering online at 9:00PM Eastern for some Grifball custom games. Come alone or bring your team to two hours of Grifball goodness. We’ll play Vanilla, Dash, new maps, old maps, and maybe even some of the more wild gametypes out there (Smashball, anyone?). To get an invite, post in this thread on the forums.

On Friday, January 13th, we’ll be doing two more hours of Grifball customs at 10:00PM Eastern. Post in this thread if you’ll be available and you want an invitation.

Finally, on Saturday, January 14th, we’ll be rolling on the floor in our next Grifball Dash GRUNT. Bring your team to play on RunNokyardRun’s classic Dash map High Tide. Signups will open at 2:00PM Eastern. For more information, check out this thread.


Each time a player plays in an event, their name will be entered into a drawing for prizes. What’s more, each time a player submits a highlight from a custom game of Grifball, they will earn an additional entry. The two GRUNTs and the two Grifball custom game nights are excellent opportunities for highlight-worthy shenanigans. These highlights will be used for an epic H2O Camper-made highlight reel to kick off the next season of the GGL!

To submit a custom game Grifball highlight, post a link to the clip on your fileshare in this thread.

Players who participate in these events or submit highlights will have a chance to win:

  • Grifball avatar armor
  • Grifball bomb props
  • Green Spartan avatar armor
  • Elite avatar armor
  • Red Spartan avatar armor
  • and Anniversary map pack codes!

For example, if you play in five events, and turn in three highlights, you’ll receive eight chances to win prizes!

Thanks to the wonderful Grifball community for four exciting years of Sword Sprees and Dream Crushers. Whether you joined for the first season, or you’ve just joined us today, we hope you’ll be with us for many games to come.

See you on the court!

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5 Responses to “Join Us in Celebrating Grifball’s Fourth Birthday!”
  1. Kalbelgarion says:

    The weekly challenge this week is to get 500 kills in matchmaking. Hopefully the matchmaking events on Wednesday and Sunday will help!

  2. Taco says:

    Happy Birthday Grifball!!!!! <3

  3. IHRGL says:

    Happy Birthday to grifball

  4. Texorcist says:

    Sniffle, its growing up so fast.

  5. Poopboys123 says:

    Happy Birthday Grifball!