Join GrifballHub at RTX 2013 for the Largest Grifball Event Ever

Grifball is the world’s greatest sports-game-within-a-first-person-shooter, originally created by Rooster Teeth’s Burnie Burns. RTX is the annual Rooster Teeth Expo, a celebration of Rooster Teeth, their fans, and their creations. It’s the perfect match!

GrifballHub will be bringing Grifball and Rooster Teeth fans the greatest Grifball experience ever at RTX 2013. Thanks to the generous support of the Grifball community, GrifballHub will be running:

  • A GrifballHub booth on the RTX showfloor, complete with LAN Grifball stations to support 4v4 games and tournaments, information to help improve your game, league signups, over 5,000 pieces of swag, and knowledgeable GrifballHub staff and volunteers to answer all your questions.
  • A Grifball panel on Sunday, July 7 at 11:30AM where GrifballHub staff will be discussing the Sport of the Future, showing off the newest highlight reel, and answering attendee questions.
  • Two LAN Grifball tournaments on the “Center Stage”, the e-Sports arena built for attendees and viewers at home to watch top gaming action.

We call it GrifCon.

The GrifballHub Booth GrifballHub is one of the first Halo community fansites to have a rented space on the showfloor of a gaming convention. What the Grifball community has accomplished was previously unimaginable and is unprecedented in its scope.

The booth will include four LAN Grifball stations. With two players on each Xbox, teams of four can face off in the ultimate Grifball test. No host, no lag; only weapons, teamwork, and your wits. The majority of the time will be devoted to “free play”, where any attendee can come to the booth to play Grifball. Occasionally tournaments and other special events will be run at the booth, including opportunities to play Halo: Reach Grifball and Halo 3 Grifball.

The first match gets underway.

The booth will also be the main location for all your Grifball swag needs. Every piece of swag given out at the Grifball booth will be completely free. While supplies last, every attendee who stops by the booth can pick up:

  • A GrifballHub wristband
  • A GrifballHub button
  • Grifball information cards
  • An “I got hammered at RTX” sticker
  • Custom Halo 4 Grifball boxart, suitable for autographs


Individual who plays Grifball at the booth will also receive a limited edition orange GrifballHub lanyard, while supplies last.


As if that wasn’t enough, the booth will also be home to Grif, a life-size cutout of our favorite member of the Red Team. We will have a custom-made Grifball prop and an inflatable energy sword available, too, so attendees can take the perfect picture with Grif.


The GrifballHub booth will be open from 12:00-6:00 on Friday, and 9:00-6:00 on Saturday and Sunday. Stop by the booth, pick up your free swag, take a picture with Grif, and enjoy the LAN Grifball!

The Grifball Panel For the second year in a row, GrifballHub will be hosting a panel on all things Grifball at RTX. Save time on your calendar and join us on Sunday, July 7 at 11:30AM in Room 17 to hear about Grifball and its future and to get your questions answered. The panel will also include the latest epic Grifball highlight reel, made by GrifballHub’s own H2O Camper.

The Grifball panelists are:

  • Goosechecka, Admin, Content and Community Manager for GrifballHub
  • Kalbelgarion, Site and League Admin for GrifballHub
  • Texorcist, Site Admin and Grifball Commentator for GrifballHub

The panelists.

Be sure to line up for the Grifball panel at least 30 minutes before it is scheduled to begin! Last year the room quickly filled to capacity and attendees were sadly turned away.

Well over 200 attendees packed into the room to learn about the Sport of the Future.

In addition to the Grifball panel, GrifballHub’s Goosechecka will also be on two other panels at RTX.

The Art of Podcasting will be on July 7 at 4:00PM in Room 16. Goosechecka will be joined by Podtacular’s Dust Storm, the Rooster Teeth community’s Roadblock, and Rooster Teeth’s Lindsay Tuggey as they discuss the ins-and-outs of podcasting.

Video Games and Mental Health will be on July 6 at 11:30AM in Room 12. Goosechecka will be discussing her doctoral dissertation, which addresses the myths and the science behind the connection between mental health and video games in adults. Goosechecka used real data from gamers, including many Grifballers, while completing her research.

You can see the complete RTX 2013 panel schedule here.

Grifball on the Center Stage

For the second year in a row, Grifball will take the Center Stage at RTX as our own Goosechecka and Texorcist run two live-streamed LAN Grifball events.

On Friday, July 5, the greatest Grifball tournament in the history of the sport will take place on the Center Stage, as veteran Grifball teams from our leagues face off in the ultimate LAN Grifball competition. The event begins at 3:00PM and teams will be able to sign up for the event soon on the GrifballHub forums.

Unlike other Grifball championships, this event will be played without host and without lag. This could be called the most legitimate Grifball competition ever played. The event is expected to be live-streamed for viewers at home.

Goose calls the play-by-play.

RTX attendees who do not participate in the tournament on Friday will be able to sign up their teams at the GrifballHub booth for the second Center Stage event on Saturday. At 9:30AM Saturday morning, Goose and Tex will run the second RTX Grifball tournament. This tournament will also be live-streamed.

The winning teams of both tournaments will receive prizes, including exclusive RTX 2013 Grifball swag. If you are interested in competing in the Friday tournament, keep an eye on the GrifballHub forums.

Check out the video of last year’s Grifball tournament.

Since this system had no lag or host, does it make it the most legit Grifball championship ever?

GrifballHub’s presence at RTX 2013 marks a giant leap forward for Grifball, Halo, and all video game community websites. We hope you have bought your tickets and are able to join us for RTX 2013, aka GrifCon!

See you in Austin!

Goose and Tex and the prized swag.

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