Jacen Solo discusses the H3P Elite League
Win or lose, WaMC would come back for more

Jacen Solo’s Background
XGC Jacen Solo was the first tag I ever played Grifball with. I was the Captain of I Can Has Host? in the 08 Spring League, and for a while I had changed my tag to XGC DarthCaedus. In the Summer of 08, I played for Separate Intelligence with XGC Jacen Solo and then x Jacen Solo x, which is my current GT. I have also played in various MM XXP weekends with XGC Jaina Solo (before I sold it), TGP Backpack (who is still undefeated in Bum Rushes), and I CITI I (2nd I is an L), which was the 2nd legit General in the Grifball playlist (right behind the original I CITI I).

Now for the actual interview

Who is the council of the Halo3Planet Elite League?
Umm, basically you’re looking at me (Scheduler, Statistician, overall awesome guru), RomanArrow, and Adam Pisani. Adam and Roman are moderators for the Halo3Planet.com forums, and I’m just their slave.

What is the H3P Elite league’s purpose?
“To enhance competition and minimize forfeits.” I don’t remember who initially said that, but I’ve sort of adopted it as our official motto. We aim to provide competitive Grifball for only the most dedicated teams. We are also trying out various things such as inter-divisional play, fluid scheduling, and Qualifiers to see if we can get them implemented into the AGLA (American Grifball League of America).

What inspired the group of you to make this league?
A number of things, actually. It was originally discussed back in the Spring League by myself and a few others, namely Thurmanator and one other guy who I honestly can’t remember right now. I do know that he started the original Playoff Standings sheets thread that inspired me to take on my current role in the community. As the league progressed, we began to find that a number of good teams were only getting better, and the skill gap was widening tremendously. we needed a way to let these Elite teams play without trouncing the competition every week (see GSH’s performance in Division 10, GBWL09). When we heard that MooCow was interested in an Elite League, and wanted to see how some of the mechanics played out, Adam and Roman came to me with an offer to help head up the H3P league, and we’ve just gone from there.

Now that you have your bracket set and teams are getting ready to play, will running the league get harder or easier for the council from this point?
Easier, absolutely. For me, the hardest part was getting a hold of each and every team, finding out if they were interested or not, and then figuring out the eligibility issues. Once the Qualifiers are done, it should be smooth sailing the rest of the way.

How is the council going to handle disputes?
I have no clue. That question is better suited for one of my bosses, Adam or Roman. I hate dealing with disputes myself, so I don’t plan on having to handle any this season.

Do you expect a lot of drama from this league?
Is this a serious question? Grifball = host. Host = absurdness. Absurdness = anger. Anger = hate. Hate = suffering. Suffering = drama. No arguing with that math (or with Yoda, for that matter).

MooCow has stated that if he is commissioner next season there will be an Elite league. Will this league you have created be implemented as that, or has that even been discussed by the commissioner and your council?
We talk, from time to time, over AIM, discussing what can and can’t be done with the AGLA in regards to an Elite League. Inter-divisional play is going to be one of the more difficult things to implement. The scheduler doesn’t really allow for it, but MC thinks he’s figured out a way around it, using the playoff scheduler to manually input games. As far as Qualifiers go, I highly doubt those will be put into use, at least not for the upcoming Spring season. Last I heard, Legacy Sweet 16 will be the cutoff for eligibility in the AGLA Elite League, which means a team such as Put It On The Pad would not have a shot at moving up. As far as newly formed teams (such as MGK) or mergers (such as the new Grunts of Fury), I don’t know how eligibility will play a part in that.

In the (Rooster Teeth) forums, I have seen you state: “To enhance competition and minimize forfeits.” How severe will punishment be for forfeits?
Don’t you ever, ever let me find you forfeiting a game in the H3P League. 3 games a week for 5 weeks is not that hard for dedicated teams. If you can’t handle that, then don’t even bother applying. I understand that sometimes there will be extenuating circumstances, and trust me, we will be looking at each forfeit very closely to determine the validity of it, but know this… Forfeits are highly looked down upon by me and the rest of the H3P Committee. I’m already looking at a couple of teams very closely in these Qualifiers, teams that aren’t able to get their games in will be culled from the Tourny, to allow for others to come in.

Is there going to be anything special for the winners of this league aside from bragging rights?
Sorry, but I have absolutely no clue about this one. But judging by previous H3P and AGLA leagues, I’d have to say no.

And on a non-serious side-note

You have been named in the Mitchell report. Have you sir ever taken performance enhancing substances to improve your play/performance in Grifball?
I am sorry to say this, but yes, yes I have. I once cleared my cache before a playoff game, and Custom Boosted about 20 games. Don’t worry though, I still didn’t get host, and we lost the game. I did go +22 though.

If a cow, an arrow, a dragon and a goose all played Grifball, who do you think would be the best?
I’d have to go with a big, purple Hostasaurus Rex.

What is the air speed velocity of an unladen Grifball player?
Rookie or Legacy?

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  1. BlueZebra says:

    What is the air speed velocity of an unladen Grifball player?
    Rookie or Legacy?

    I see what you did there

  2. KetnerJ says:

    Wait, this guy sounds really awesome. I should meet him.

  3. lasarack says:

    zebra, it depends, is it an African or a European player?