Introducing the Grifball in Reach Neighborhood Tournaments!
The GRUNTs were short, quick, and ended in a celebration of confetti and cheers.

Do you have a Grifball team that ruled the court during the heyday of Halo 3 Grifball, but are frightened of the changes that come with Grifball in Reach? Or are you a new player who never wielded a hammer outside of smashing up some Brutes? Either way, regardless of your level of experience, GrifballHub is here to help.

Once Reach launches, GrifballHub will run Grifball in Reach Neighborhood Tournaments (GRUNTs) several times every month. GRUNTs are one-night, single-elimination tournaments that help players become accustomed to the game and their teammates. Like their namesake aliens, GRUNTs are finished off quickly and end in a shower of confetti and cheers. Each tournament will have a 30 minute sign-up window. After signups close, a bracket will be posted and the tournament itself will immediately be underway. Each GRUNT will last two to three hours.

Some GRUNTs will start later than others to accommodate players in different timezones. Players from outside North America are welcome to play, too, as long as they are available at the scheduled time and there are no serious connection issues.

Each GRUNT may also have a required map and gametype. If so, the links to the map and gametype will be prominently featured in the announcement and in that GRUNT’s discussion thread. After the tournament, players are encouraged to rate the map and gametype in the Grifball map and gametype resource center.

Once signups for a GRUNT are open, you can enlist your team here. When a game is finished, the winning captain must report the results here and include a link to the post-game report.

Please note: These tournaments are designed to be a fun learning experience for all teams. Malicious trash talking and personal attacks are not allowed. Players currently banned from other GrifballHub events or leagues are not allowed to participate.

So when are these GRUNTs starting? Well, we know there are plenty of people out there itching to try out some Grifball in Reach, and we’re more than happy to help satisfy that craving.

Our first GRUNTs will be:

  • Thursday, September 16, 9:00PM EST: Vanilla GRUNT. Play Halo 3-style Grifball on the Colosseum. No Armor Abilities.
  • Friday, September 17, 10:00PM EST: Competitive GRUNT. Play a new competitive variant on the Colosseum. Two pre-set Armor Abilities.
  • Saturday, September 18, 5:00PM EST: Loadout GRUNT. Play Grifball with several Armor Abilties to choose from on a TBD map.
  • Sunday, September 19, 9:00PM EST: Flying GRUNT. Play Grifball with Jetpacks on a TBD map.

(The 30 minute signup period will begin at the time stated. The bracket will be released once signups close.)

To suggest a map or gametype for a future GRUNT, please either leave a comment or post in the GRUNT suggestions thread.

GrifballHub will also be collecting highlights from the first four GRUNTs. If you submit a highlight, and your highlight makes it into the first highlight reel for Grifball in Reach, you will receive a special Noble 6 Avatar Helmet code, courtesy of our friends at Halo Waypoint! Highlight submissions are due 11:59PM EST, Monday September 20.

We hope to see you all on the court!

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12 Responses to “Introducing the Grifball in Reach Neighborhood Tournaments!”
  1. goosechecka says:

    I cannot wait for Grifball in Reach! I think I’m looking forward to flying grunt the most!

  2. Kal says:

    Anyone who is looking to submit a highlight and get a sweet Noble 6 avatar code: Keep in mind that we’re all new to Reach, so feel free to be quite liberal in your interpretation of what qualifies as a “highlight”. A killpocolypse is cool again!

    I can almost guarantee that the first person to pull off a Flowers will get into the highlight reel.

  3. Tex says:

    You can bet Green Army will be taking full advantage of this (as well as many other things, Bow Chicka)

    I’m so looking forward to some New Blood (Halo Wars reference there)

  4. Numator says:

    OOHHH HHHIIII the grunts sound awesome but I have one concern. I think they should be delayed for a few days so that more people will want to play. I know for the first few days im gonna play campaign and test out everything. So im just saying that if you wait a few days that more people would show up. This also gives you a few days to mess with the different varients

  5. Kal says:

    I don’t know about you, but it took a heck of a lot of constraint not to schedule one of these things for 1AM on the 14th. These are supposed to mostly be about having fun, finding teammates, and getting used to Reach, but the GRUNTs are also partly about testing out gametypes to see what really works and what doesn’t.

  6. Numator says:

    yeah I can see what you mean, I guess we can pry ourselves away from campaign and everything else for a couple of hours to play some jet pack grifball

  7. Taco says:

    What is this Campaign you speak of? I could of sworn I only saw Forge, Custom Games, and Theater. ;)

  8. RallyFox says:

    I’m surprised you even saw the theatre and custom games

  9. Taco says:

    I hadn’t until we started talking about grifball in reach, and then there was forge. Oh and this one mode called forge, it looks awesome. I saw the theater because I started thinking about making machinimas in forge…..oh wait, in theater excuse me.

    P.S. FORGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Kal says:

    That should be Taco’s battle cry.


  11. Taco says:

    If I ever yell a battle cry, you should be worried. ;)

  12. Energizee says:

    Kal, if you want I will gladly play a GRUNT with you at 1am on the 14th. Just saying. Message me if you really wanna set one up ;)