Interview with Apocalypse Ponies

Apocalypse Ponies was the #1 for Winter ’10 Amateur League playoffs and are currently preparing for their championship game against Soviet Machine. Captain Manbearpig X2, Blue Collar Kid, and HoboSaaz were kind enough to take a break from their playoff prep to answer some questions and even provide some musical entertainment.

AFAIK, no #1 Ammy team has ever won the championship. Do you think your team will be the one to break that record?

HoboSaaz – We think we’re the best team out there, there’s no doubt about that. We thought our best competition was going to be Grif Reapers, but they lost in the first round.

Blue Collar Kid – I think we’re the best team because in past playoffs teams have been host reliant, but our team hasn’t had host all season, past playoffs, regular season, everything. We have the advantage of never having an advantage.

Manbearpig X2 – I think our #1 defense will beast it up. Blue’s swordin’ it up, Hobo saying ‘no’, and Nolan doing his own thing pretty much.

Blue Collar Kid – Flowering on Chichen Itza.

Does your team have any superstitions or pre-game rituals?

Manbearpig X2 – Drop the ball on the ground in the corner.

Blue Collar Kid – During the network test we drop the ball in the corner and have the whole team look at it. I say it’s working pretty well. The other team comes over and tries to kill us all, but they usually fail.

HoboSaaz – It’s working pretty well. The original Apocalypse Ponies back in Spring league did it, too.

Manbearpig X2 – I think Hobo started it and we were all like, alright.

Blue Collar Kid – Another ritual is to never play with Booster.

HoboSaaz – Nolan Black must destroy the truck. Every game on Foundry, during the regular season and playoffs, he’d hammer jump up and destroy the truck, and he’d do it quite well.

Manbearpig X2
– I don’t think he did it against HLC.

Blue Collar Kid – In regular league games, he’d go over and destroy the truck and still go positive.

If your team had a theme song, what would it be?

HoboSaaz – It has a few. I like our Grifball song.

Manbearpig X2 – I’m not singing it.

Blue Collar Kid – *singing* I play this game called Grifball I play it all the time, and when I beat the people they go and they all whine. And when they’re done crying, I go and play them again. And then I’ll take the Grifball and run it right on back in.

Manbearpig X2 – It’s to Base Hunter’s All I Ever Wanted. I’m pretty sure DSR pie created it.

What has been the most epic game you’ve played so far this season?

Blue Collar Kid – Hard Liquor Chasers.

Manbearpig X2 – Hard Liquor Chasers.

HoboSaaz – We were down 2-0 in the very beginning.

Blue Collar Kid – We were like, “oh snap”.

HoboSaaz – We came back to win.

Blue Collar Kid – We got it back together.

Manbearpig X2 – I’m looking for the Pro Laggerz game to be good, too.

The Ponies took two seasons off between Spring league ’09 and this season. What were you guys doing?

HoboSaaz – I joined the GI Joes and they changed their names multiple times. Then manbearpig had work, but then –

Manbearpig X2 – For summer, me, DSR Pie and Booster started playing WoW. So I played WoW and a job so I had no time for Grifball.

Blue Collar Kid – I was never on Apocalypse Ponies, this is my first season. I’m glad to be on this team. I’ve always watched the from afar and thought , “dude, this team is amazing”.

Manbearpig X2 – We’re glad to have him.

Regardless of the bracket, who would you have most liked to face in the Championship?

Blue Collar Kid – Hot Bikini Guyz.

HoboSaaz – Hard Liquor Chasers.

Manbearpig X2 – Yeah, Hot Bikini Guys.

Blue Collar Kid – We know them pretty well, they play similar to us.

Manbearpig X2 – They stole some moves from us.

Blue Collar Kid – Yeah, they stole some moves, but it’s all good.

Manbearpig X2 – They launch a lot, but we have a better defense.

HoboSaaz – I wanted to play the Henry Lovers, I wanted to beat them so bad.

Blue Collar Kid – And OCR.

HoboSaaz – Yeah, they’re our red-headed step-child.

Most of your team has been around for quite a while. What would an ammy ‘ship mean to you guys?

Manbearpig X2 – Nothing to Blue. Me and Hobo, we’d feel good. Nolan, I’m not sure how he’d feel.

HoboSaaz – It would be my Mecca.

Blue Collar Kid – Nolan would be like, “cool, when do I get to play Grifball again?” I don’t know how I’d feel because I’ve already won one. I’d probably feel like a bad kid.

What are your plans for next season?

HoboSaaz – We’re staying the same and going pro.

Manbearpig X2 – As long as Blue doesn’t leave us.

Blue Collar Kid – As long as they take us in the pro league. This season in amateur was for chemistry to develop.

Manbearpig X2 – And we didn’t know our schedule at the beginning of the season.

Blue Collar Kid – We plan on going pro and doing the bestest we can.

How did your team form?

Manbearpig X2 – I was coming off a losing team back in Winter league. Me and Hobo used to play DXP all the time.

HoboSaaz – Me and Manbearpig came from really bad teams then we formed together and did well.

Blue Collar Kid – I came from a lot of teams.

Manbearpig X2 – You were a whore of teams.

Blue Collar Kid – I’ve been everywhere and not in a good way.

Manbearpig X2 – For the beginning, the line up was me, Hobo, DSR Pie and Nolan. Nolan got grounded till he was 18, so we had to sub Booster in.

HoboSaaz – We did good together so we formed a team.

Blue Collar Kid – They took two seasons off and got back together.

Manbearpig X2 – We asked for Blue to join, but was like “no, team USA”.

Blue Collar Kid – That didn’t work. I’d played with Manbearpig a lot in DXP and always had fun. When I left Zero Logic, I was going make another team with, remake Team USA, but that didn’t go through because Digital Pain’s Xbox broke and other things that didn’t work out. I always liked Manbearpig, Hobo was cool, so was Nolan and I knew booster, so I said, “Hey can I join?” and they said, yeah ok. Hopefully this is a long lasting thing.

HoboSaaz – What’s the longest you’ve been on a team?

Blue Collar Kid – 1 ½ seasons. I hope this is a little longer of an affair .

Who was your favorite divisional team?

Manbearpig X2 – OCR because the first season we faced them, when they had Veritas on their team, and then we faced them again this season. Then hobo –

HoboSaaz – GI Joes, the team I left, were also in our division, so we knew them.

Manbearpig X2 – OCR, those were good games and steel wolves too, but OCR were the closest games we had until playoffs.

Why move up to pro?

Blue Collar Kid – Better competition and not much drama because we won’t do amazing. We’ll also take any host.

HoboSaaz – We’re 10 – 0 shut up.

Manbearpig X2 – We want to give ammy kids more play room.

Blue Collar Kid – We want to win, but we want more competition.

Is the 6 person cut off going to effect you guys?

Manbearpig X2 – We’ll kick Booster off.

HoboSaaz – Naw, Thumper. He’s not even on my friends list.

Manbearpig X2 – Yeah, Thumper.

HoboSaaz – We really only have 5 that play.

Blue Collar Kid – We only had 5 people play this season anyways.

Anything else?

HoboSaaz – No, that’s about it.

Blue Collar Kid – Congrats to less than three for winning the pro league.

HoboSaaz – Who?

Blue Collar Kid – Congrats to less than three for winning the pro league.

Manbearpig X2 – That was a big shocker.

Blue Collar Kid – Really big shocker.

HoboSaaz – I’m looking forward to team sumo.

Blue Collar Kid – Timegnome is loud and annoying.

HoboSaaz – Don’t write that.

Blue Collar Kid – Do write that. Nolan’s flowers on Chichen Itza is one of the best moves ever.

Manbearpig X2 – We’re the Harlem Globetrotters of the Grifball league. We’re also the next CAG.

Blue Collar Kid – Yeah, we love them. They’re our inspiration.

Manbearpig X2 – I faced them in Winter league and they were fun to play against

Fun Fact: Each starter for AP lives in a different time zone.

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4 Responses to “Interview with Apocalypse Ponies”
  1. Manbearpig X2 says:

    Haha, nice interview Goose.
    I like the Fun Fact at the end of this article.

  2. goosechecka says:

    You guys were great to interview. I really enjoyed my serenade.

  3. TacoPizzaHunter says:

    Another fun fact: AP and HBG have 1 starter that lives in the same state as 1 opposing starter. Each team has 1 starter in Cali, 1 in Arizona, 1 in Texas, and 1 in Florida. I just found that out last night. Creepy stuff. Congrats on the win AP and good luck in the championship.

  4. Taco says:

    Blue Collar Kid – Timegnome is loud and annoying.

    @Blue Collar Kid: +1 Ditto
    I can’t agree more. Good luck in the championship.