Grifball Hubcast Archives
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Goose, Kal, and Rally celebrate Hubcast 250 by diving in to the Kickstarter and RTX 2015. The crew also talks AGLA playoffs, GGL signups, and more!

Goose and Kal review the AGLA All Star week events, discuss Twitch updates, Kitty in the Box Hub, RTX/Kickstarter, GGL signups and achieveables, and much more!

With Rally under the weather, Piggies joins Goose and Kal to talk AGLA, GGL, Halo 5, Grifballer of the Month, and the Hall of Fame!

Goose, Rally, and Kal discuss the upcoming All Star Week festivities. The crew also dives into Halo 5 news, and RTX.

Goose, Kal, and Rally congregate for the weekly Grifball Hubcast, now Sundays at 11AM EST. The trio reveal February’s Grifballer of the Month, dig into AGLA mid-season discussion, share an RTX Kickstarter update, and much more!