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The whole crew is back and ready to dig into the upcoming summer events including the Pool Party, Halo 3 […]

Goose and Kal hold it down without Rally due to father’s day. Dust Storm from Podtacular drops by and shares his E3 hands-on experience.

The crew talks AGLA, GGL, and upcoming league news, dates, and deadlines. Kal attempts to re-focus Goose after she sees an adorable corgi frolicking outside, fetching a stick.

Rally, Kal, and Goose review the AGLA pro and ammy championship games and wrap up the AGLA season. Kal breaks […]

This week, Goose, Rally, and Kal review the week’s semi-final AGLA matches and make their championship predictions. The crew also discusses RTX updates, announce Grifballer of the Month, and shiny new toys in the streaming chat.