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The planning is already happening. Goose, Kal, and Rally discuss how best to maximize your money if you’re planning to […]

On the traditional post-con podcast, Goose and Kal are joined by Myrherder, Bad Allikat, Sam, Taco, DJ Blue, and Receptor17 in sharing their RTX 2015 experiences. Warning – this Hubcast features more shout-outs than any Hubcast ever. Of all time.

Goose, Kal, and Rally reveal the big RTX 2015 surprise they’ve been working on for the last several months.

With RTX just around the corner, Goose, Kal, and Rally give an update on booth and Grifball tournament. The crew also discusses possibilities for future AGLA leagues, AGLA games from the past week, recent Halo 5 news, and more!

Goose, Rally, and Kal celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the invention of the podcast with a trip down memory lane. The crew also talks about GGL, AGLA, and some brand new RTX info.