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This week, Goose, Rally, and Kal review the week’s semi-final AGLA matches and make their championship predictions. The crew also discusses RTX updates, announce Grifballer of the Month, and shiny new toys in the streaming chat.

The crew recaps the week in AGLA playoffs and make their championship predictions. Also, Goose loves skunks, Kal loves Goose, and Rally realizes DJ Blue does not have hair.

Goose rejoins Kal and Rally and together they countdown the end of the Kickstarter.

Kal, Rally, and Amnatu tackle this week’s Hubcast sans Goose.

From 8:00AM Saturday until 8:00AM Sunday, Goose and Kal hosted a 24-hour livestream of MCC goodness to raise money for the RTX Kickstarter. This Hubcast was recorded as we passed the half-way point.