HubCast Episode 35 – Offending All Nations

Hello, hello, hello! In this extremely late podcast, we have myself, BobbyBirdseed, with the usual Green Team Tex, Goosechecka, resident special guest Nuclear Taco 42, and putting him in before I have to edit the article to show he exists, Kalbelgarion!

We just talk about a lot of Grifball things this week.
The GGL.
Extra Life (it went well this year!)
and a few other things.

We also bring you the EU HubCast in the middle of the show! God save the Queen, Tea, and the Crumpets!

Anyway, hope you have a good weekend folks!

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5 Responses to “HubCast Episode 35 – Offending All Nations”
  1. Taco says:

    Geez Bobby! Took you long enough. ;)
    Great Hubcast! Always a blast to record them.

  2. That’s not very nice, Taco. :(

    I had a TON of real life crap come up this week. Midterms being the worst of it.

    It will be done on a more timely manner from now on!

  3. Taco says:

    I was just messing with ya man. ;)
    As long as you get it done,you get it done. That’s all that matters. =)

  4. Dr M4NHATT4N says:

    sorry about the floor detail on notregrif! its good advice, i know floor detail looks cool and all, but its impossible to make it smoother than i did, best to just avoid it in future maps.

  5. Archaic Zeus says:

    Even exact coordinates don’t make the floors perfect? That seems kinda silly to me. Silly bungie…