HubCap 156: The Good, The Bad, and the Shooter McKal by LovableLambchop

Welcome to the HubCap, brought to you by LovableLambchop! This series of articles will recap the weekly Hubcast podcast and point out the funniest and most important parts.

On this episode of the Hubcast the crew is joined by everyone’s favorite bench warmer Noplex and the young gun SonicChaos. They talk about the GGL, AGLA, and new shirts in the Grifballhub store. Tune in to this episode and you can catch a Bulls game for free!

AGLA News and Shenanigans – AGLA elections are open to elect new positions for the community while Noplex and Sonic take over the AGLA the way Ceasar took over Rome. Three admin positions are open along with different committees and journalists. Elections will close on May 17th and you must be better than Noplex to run for these positions. The Head of Events will be Goose’s new BFF with Goose. There is also a merger for proposal in the process to bring the AGLA and to Grifballhub; to Noplex, this is an offer he could not refuse. Kal learns that nobody wants to join a part in his pants and his communication ability is impaired. The AGLA mock bid was a success and many people had fun with the bidding system. Depending on signups for this new setup there may be a Pro and Amateur division. Kal’s tip of the day is to start small first and then let your league grow, just like the MLS (Columbus Crew > DC United). Conspiracy runs rampant as we are all being watched; make sure to check under your bed.

GGL Playoff Predictions – GGL playoffs are under way now and the crew predicts all the first round games for each playoff division. They do not consult the master of predictions for these picks though so they are all wrong. Apparently during this part of the Hubcast something bad happens to the Bulls. Goose will not forgive everyone for picking Green Army to win against WaMC. Rally is also upset at Four Guys One Ball for not carrying his prediction through from last season and chooses Zero Logic to upset them. For the Final Four the winners of The Launchies and The Long Bombs will play each other and the winners of The Pro Runs and The Stiff-Arms will play each other. There is much in-depth analysis on which teams will advance to the Final Four and eventually the championship. If you like walls of text, this section is for you to listen to. When discussing Four Guys One Ball TrueFlyingCow K/D is over 9000 and is able to win and win again. Everyone is concerned about Rally’s health as his breathing is very heavy. The Ambassadors for the GGL playoffs are Kirsty, Sam, Teaguey and Lambchop. #ZLforLife is now trending on twitter thanks to Sonic.

RTX Extravaganza – The money has gone through for the Grifball booth. The Grifball panel has been accepted and there will be live Grifball at the Grifball booth; there was much rejoicing. The Grifball meeting will be held on the Sunday after RTX has ended. The swag will be ordered for RTX soon and Goose and Kal try to steal your identity. Rally discusses all your racing news and has some senior moments as Kal falls asleep while he is talking.

Lambchop’s Favorite ‘Cast Quotes
Rally: “I’ll buy one of those guns that shoot the t-shirts in the crowd and everyone will be wearing Shooter McKal…Did Goose just rage quit?”
Goose: “Yes. I’m in the process of rage quitting life.”
Wait until RTX when Shooter McKal is the next internet phenomena.

Goose: “I love you Ambassadors you make my life so much easier.”
It’s the hat.

Goose: “The head of events needs to be able to talk to me, come over have a slumber party, we can braid each other’s hair we can do each other’s nails we can have a pillow fight, we can bond over some smores and hot cocoa and dish on all the guys.”
Rally: “This is getting kinky.”
I’m envisioning Rally as the creepy grandfather who can get away with anything due to how old he is.

Goose: “Kal invites me to parties all the time, but it’s a party in his pants and I you know, every time and I’m like no!”
Kal: “Would you like to come to my pants party?”
Sadly only the carpet and lamp were in attendance to Brick, I mean Kal’s party.

Noplex: “I’m going HBG because the power of the pickle.”
Rally: “If someone can fit that many pickles in his mouth at once he’s going to have no problem planting nine balls at once.”
Just wait until RTX when I give TPH a run for his money in a pickle eating contest.

Goose: “I just got to say New York Pineapples, Strawberry Shortcakes, sounds delicious.”
Grifball, we have delicious names and gamertags.

Be sure to check after the ending of Hubcast 156 for some extra funny bits about boobs and to hear Kal sing.

Be sure to check out the live Hubcast streams every Thursday at 10 PM EST. This has been the HubCap for the Hubcast episode 156.

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