HubCap 154: Tipsy Tourny, the best Mario Party Game – By LovableLambchop

Welcome to the HubCap, brought to you by LovableLambchop! This series of articles will recap the weekly Hubcast podcast and point out the funniest and most important parts.

This episode of the Hubcast Rally, Kal and Goose are boozed up! The gang has fun in their new state as they discuss PAX, RTX, GGL and AGLA news along with the other acronym loving community events.

RTX 2: The Search for More Money – The Grifball Kicksarter is coming to an end April 25 at 11 PM EST. In this final stretch the gang asks for more donations to get playable Grifball at the booth this July. There would be four Grifball stations to play at and at the booth there will be the resident pros to play with or against. If that isn’t enough to hype people up, THE LovableLambchop will be there. Oh, I guess there will also be this other guy TacoPizzaHunter who has won a championship and has been successful in his career but Lambchop the Wooly Warrior is the main show (/sarcasm). In other news Goose breaks her neck when she tries to dive into a pile of gold because she is not a duck. Rally is terrified by the idea of Goose offering psychotherapy as a donation incentive. I’m with Rally on this one; I don’t want anyone under my bed watching me.

PAX Prime and Kevin Franklin – PAX Prime badges went on sale and sold out the same day as this year the convention is open one more day. Goose gets giddy over the idea of having Kevin Franklin on a Grifball panel while Kal films behind a shield of sadness. Seriously I’m surprised there isn’t fan fiction of this yet or a tumblr dedicated to this kind of shipping. The crew moves on from Kal’s sorrow to talk about all the updates for the Grifball matchmaking playlist. In the streaking competition Rally appeared on the nightly news as he ran across a baseball field and was tackled. In the Grifball streaking competition A Man Canon won the competition.

This is the content that never ends – Rally continues his epic with another appearance from the Wooly Warrior and the Hat of Dream. The question for Rally’s sanity is still in question after this week’s comic. Obex posts his top 10 Grifball screenshots for March and his pictures are featured on 343’s bulletin. The Ball Sack was sacktacular before the prime event of Wednesday Night Grifbrawl between A Righteous Kill and Harlum Grifballers.

GGL, AGLA and walls of text – Make up wee started on April 22 and runs through the 28. This is the time to make up any games missed in the regular season. Listen to Kal tell people the proper way to make up games and report forfeit wins. Rally gives us the answer to “WHAT IS GAME NIGHT?!?” Playoffs are discussed for this season as Kal discusses how people make playoffs. Signups for the next GGL will be beginning on July 5 during RTX so people will be able to sign up there team right at the Grifball booth. There are walls of texts for a proposal for having the AGLA move to Grifballhub. The discussion is being held on so if you want to voice your opinion go here. ( The AGLA is testing a mock bid for the proposed new bid system that will be considered for the next AGLA season.

Lambchop’s Favorite ‘Cast Quotes

Kal: “So all you people who listen to the Hubcast live in the chatbox, prepare to feel a lot of pressure and feel really bad about yourself if you don’t give during that hour.”

Goose: “I know the ways of guilt and shame.”

Rally: “All you have to do is get her drunk and she won’t be able to do it.”

I can just imagine the sad animal music playing while Goose is stumbling around trying to keep her balance.

Goose: “Can I sleep with Kevin Franklin?”

Kal: “No because you have a different definition for sleep in that sentence.”

Back to the fan fiction this week I see. Kal needs someone to tease Goose with to get back at her for all of the Kevin Franklin jokes.


Rally: “Everyone tweet it, #FixtheHammer tweet at Kevin Franklin, GO!”

Goose: “I’ll fix his hammer.”

#FixtheHammer is a serious matter unlike the other matter of #PolishKevinFranklinsHammer


Kal: “Do Europeans even have elections? I thought it was like off with your head kings and stuff. Isn’t there a king of Europe?”

I envision a Europe that has the Swedish chef from the Muppets at every restaurant.


Rally: “Make sure you play your games, don’t play with yourself. It’ll make you go blind.”

Rally gives everyone advice that he wishes he would have followed in his youth.


Rally: “If anybody drafts Goose I will show up and defile your porch.”

RallyFox: defiling porches with his scat since the early 1900s.


Be sure to check after the ending of Hubcast 154 for some extra funny bits that went on before the show. Be sure to check out the live Hubcast streams every Thursday at 10 PM EST. This has been the HubCap for the Hubcast episode 154.

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2 Responses to “HubCap 154: Tipsy Tourny, the best Mario Party Game – By LovableLambchop”
  1. Kal says:

    Rally only went *color*blind, though. I guess it wasn’t that bad.

  2. goosechecka says:

    Wait, you DONT want me lurking beneath your bed? Are you sure?