Happy Fifth Birthday, Grifball!

Five years ago, Rooster Teeth’s Burnie Burns invented the greatest sport in the history of mankind.

It has hammers.

It has swords.

And it has Grif dying. Over and over again!

From December 2007 to 2012 and beyond, Grifball has entertained millions with its smashy goodness. From a joke in Red vs Blue to its own gametype, from a tournament of eight teams to a league with hundreds, from matchmaking to live events at RTX and MLG, Grifball has taken the galaxy by storm! And its best days are still to come!

Please enjoy this special video of folks from Rooster Teeth, Xbox Live, 343 Industries and the Grifball community wishing the Sport of the Future a very happy fifth birthday!

And that’s not all — as a special celebration, the Grifball community will be holding four awesome one-night tournaments this week! And we’ll be giving away prizes!

On Tuesday, December 18, we’ll be taking a step back to Halo: Reach for a special Brawl with fan-favorite Grifball Dash! Players can sprint and roll around the court with the ball in the most intense Grifball gametype ever created! Signups open at 9:00PM EST, and games begin at 9:30PM. Bring your team and your copy of Reach! More information is available in this thread.

On Thursday, December 20, we’ll be taking two steps back and playing on the map and gametype where it all began: Halo 3 Grifball on the classic Foundry court! This tournament will be hosted by the staff at Grifball.info, the home of the original Grifball league, the American Grifball League of America. The fun begins at 9:00PM EST!

On Friday, December 21, we’ll be playing the latest and greatest Grifball game in Halo 4! Go long to throw the ball to your teammate, or pass it around the court with the hammer. Friday’s tournament will hosted at Grifball.info, and signups open at 9:00PM EST.

Finally, on Saturday, December 22, we’ll host the final Birthday Brawl here at GrifballHub.com. Bring your team for some Halo 4 Grifball action! Signups open at 3:00PM EST. More information is available in this thread.

Every time you play in one of these events, we will enter your name into a drawing for prizes, including a Rooster Teeth Grifball plushie!


So watch the birthday video, read about Grifball’s origins, and join us for a week of Grifball action!

Grifball: The best game since itself!

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2 Responses to “Happy Fifth Birthday, Grifball!”
  1. Poopboys123 says:

    Five years already! Time flies when you are playing grifball! :D

  2. […] We’ll also be running four one-night tournaments this week to celebrate. Check out all the details at GrifballHub.com! […]