Halo: Reach Grifball – Launching Tips and Tricks
reach hammer4

EU Grifball league member DRO Praetorian has put together a tutorial on how to do standard hammer-launches, self-launching, and Flowers. These tricks were executed using the Grifball Evolved v2.1 variant (The only difference between v2.1 and 3.0 is that Grif is orange and Sprint was removed.) The map is Bloody Grifball by runNOKYARDrun.

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2 Responses to “Halo: Reach Grifball – Launching Tips and Tricks”
  1. alphaturtle says:

    Me and Ranger have been practicing launching… i watched this and wondered why they get farther but then i realized this is just on the smaller court which is no farther than we do… it should really only be used when the defense is behind you or you are relatively close to the other teams goal on the normal court

  2. RW 12 says:

    Nice one paul, thanks for that :)